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What is Strikingly?

Strikingly is an excellent platform for creating websites without any programming knowledge. Created in 2012 it became a well-known website builder by 2020. This service helps you to create a beautiful thematic site with the all necessary functions fast.

The process of creating and designing a site can be described as What-You-Click-Is-What-You-Edit. For editing  any element, just click on it, after which the corresponding editing tool will open.

#1 Strikingly

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$8.00 – $49.00
Free plan available

Created sites have an adaptive design and do not require a separate development of mobile options — website will be compatible with all mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.). Several dozens of ready-made templates cover all popular thematic categories: from business card sites to online stores.

The service offers a free plan with its own hosting service and a third-level domain name. You can get many benefits from paid plans.

Strikingly Pricing

Immediately after registration, the you go ahead on the Free plan. For $0 you get a limit of 5 GB for bandwidth, an unlimited number of sites, but with basic functionality, only 1 product for sale for each resource and the sub domain at There are 3 paid plans which can be billed monthly or once a year:

  • Limited ($7-8 / month) – allows you to place up to 5 products, 2 sites with additional features and a free domain name for 1 year;
  • PRO ($11.20-20/ month) – allows you to place up to 300 products, 3 sites with advanced features and multiple pages;
  • VIP ($49-34.40 / month) – you can host 5 sites with advanced features and 500 products.

You can select a plan for 1 month or 2, 3 or even 5 years. The longer period you choose, the less price per month.

Paid plans provide more benefits such as:

  • hosting with unlimited traffic;
  • second-level domain name in zones .com .org .me .co;
  • the ability to embed custom HTML, JS, CSS codes;
  • installation of authorization forms with password protection;
  • connect external statistics;
  • disable the logo “Powered by Strikingly”.

In addition, Strikingly offers a custom domain for $24.95 / year and custom email for $25 / year.

What are the pros and cons of using Strikingly?

#2 Strikingly

Ease Of Use StarStarStarStarStar
Features StarStarStarStarStar
Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$8.00 – $49.00
Free plan available


  • Perfect platform for building single-page websites;
  • user-friendly navigation;
  • Endless free plan;
  • Layouts look good on any digital screen;
  • No previous coding background needed;
  • Generous rewards program;
  • Automatically saving site changes;
  • Free support at all rates;
  • Visual text editor;
  • The ability to embed custom HTML, JS, CSS codes for paid plans.


  • Limited free plan functionality
  • No form builder;
  • Not convenient for placing a large amount of information;
  • Customer support provided by phone only in English.

Strikingly Features you need to know about

Domain & Mail

In Strikingly website builder you can register a new domain or connect an existing one to it. There are quite detailed instructions on the Strikingly site. It is noteworthy that the  domain will be immediately activation.

Simple Store

With Strikingly website builder you get the full e-commerce functionality.  Strikingly Pro plan allows creating your own online store with up to 500 goods. You can accept customer payments by PayPal, Stripe, and non-cash payment.

Store settings are quite flexible and allow you to add various additional parameters to the product, such as weight, size, color, etc. You can create categories for store items. In addition, you can select the delivery methods of the order and set the cost for the additional product.

Simple Blog

Keep your visitors updated with Strikingly website tools for blogging. Each blog post gets its own page. You can set the number of posts per page, choose whether to show a piece of text along with the title of the post, connect your Disqus, turn on or turn off the generation of RSS feeds. If you are interested in automatic mailing to the subscribers you can connect Mailchimp (for Pro version only).


If you look through the sections available for editing, you will certainly find such an important thing for artists and photographers as the Gallery. Here you can add and edit photos. Gallery can be built into Strikingly websites and you can place it anywhere.

You can create a site where the gallery will be the only block, except for blocks with author contacts and / or subscriptions / bonuses. Gallery can be used to add videos.

You can combine sections to line up in a specific order, add videos to the background, insert external links into text and pictures (you can tick the links to open in a new tab), and much more.

Create a real website from Facebook and LinkedIn pages

An interesting option which  Strikingly website builder offers to the users is the creation of a site from Facebook and LinkedIn pages. This is a very useful feature for those whose social networking page has become popular and you want make a full-fledged website.

In addition to above mentioned Strikingly offers a built-in HTTPS, Sign Up & Contact forms, media sliders, password protection and other useful features. It’s all integrated into the easy to use intuitive editor.

Strikingly site Speed & Security

Ensuring secure data transfer is necessary on sites where confidential information is entered and transmitted (personal data of users, access details, payment card details) — on any sites with authorization, interaction with payment systems, postal services. Encrypting such data will prevent their receipt and use by third parties.

To provide an increased security all custom domains you get HTTPS automatically, for free.

To implement data transmission via HTTPS, a special SSL certificate is installed on the web server that processes requests from clients. HTTPS ensures the confidentiality of information by encrypting it. All your personal data on strikingly websites will be well secured.

Strikingly Templates and design

All the layouts on Strikingly website builder are divided into three categories division according to the needs of the users, so you will have the Business layout for companies and freelancers, Personal Site for personal use and Portfolio for photo collections and creativity.

Website builder Strikingly provides with 29 ready-made Strikingly templates. This is enough to create a site, but not much comparing with other platforms.

You can easily change the color of scheme, text fonts and headings in the selected template, add background animation and page scrolling. At any time you can select another site template.

In some templates it’s possible to set transparency, padding and width but you can’t change the Strikingly templates itself. You can view changes almost in real time. It is very convenient especially when editing fonts or colors.

Customer Support for all plans

Strikingly website builder provides technical support to customers at free and paid rates by email. The support service works constantly, as a rule, they answer within 1-3 hours. Most of your difficulties can be solved simply by asking support team to do it for you. For the VIP plan customers except the email support, phone support is provided in English. The Strikingly also offers a great database with educational materials.

SEO tools for Strikingly website

Strikingly websites have a built-in statistics with the information about site visitors, traffic sources, countries and devices. You can see who has been visiting your resource. Statistics of visits to each of the sites created can be viewed in the “Stats” section by clicking on the appropriate button in the site table. Any additional analytic tools can be added with paid plans.

Strikingly Integrations

Strikingly cannot boast of a large number of integrations. There is only connection of social networking accounts and Google Analytics. Connecting other third-party services is possible only through the function of HTML-code which you can get purchasing Pro plan.

Strikingly Payments

You can pay for extended service packages (Limited, Pro or Vip) using a credit card or PayPal. The form of payment is in the section “Pricing & Upgrade” -> “Start Free Trial”.

Strikingly offers everybody a 14-day trial period during which you can cancel the service. You can select the billing period – choose to be billed monthly, yearly (save $48), every 2 years (save $144), every 3 years (save $288) or every 5 years (save $528).

Strikingly earning reward opportunities – get Pro for free

There are some extra opportunities to get a free “Pro” account.

In the section “My Sites” -> “Earn rewards” there is a form with several options available:

  • setting a link to Strikingly in a Linkedin profile gives you one month “Pro” for free;
  • connect the Gmail account contact database to the service mailing list and get 12 months of work in “Pro” mode for free;
  • register a friend by referral link or indicating invite and use 1 month “Pro” for free.


If you want a professional website, we advise you to hire an expert. If you intend to try working on your business alone, without having any knowledge, you should take a closer look at Strikingly website builder. It’s a perfect functional tool to create a one-page website in just a few clicks, without even knowing a single line of code. Most advanced options like inserting your own code, SEO optimization, a separate domain and other things which are important for a serious project are available only at paid plans, but even with the help of free version of this website builder, you can create a nice website in a very short time.

Strikingly User Reviews

“Hello. I have been using Strikingly for a year now 🙂 A very convenient and easy constructor. The site turned out colorful and stylish. Strikingly landing page you can see how nice your site will look. Limited functions play a very positive role – no matter how hard you try, the site will still look smart. You can add any kind of information: videos, photos, links, text and navigation are very simple. I am very pleased! In fact, it is not convenient to work with a large amount of information, but I did not have such a need. Technical support answers very quickly. Thanks”

“After reading few web builder reviews I decided to choose this one. I’m using Strikingly to create and maintain one-page sites; I would like to improve the editing, creation and placement of various content and analytics.”

“No complaints. I just want to say I can consider Strikingly as the best solution. One of the features that I really loved is the ability to view changes almost in real time. It is very convenient especially when editing fonts or colors. It allows a faster configuration. You can also change layouts, background photos, list the social media accounts used, set up the contact page and much more. One of the strengths is the availability of free tools. Unlike, Strikingly offers many options for free. As for me it is enough to advance a respectable one-page site”.

“I tried to create a website from the Facebook page. I spent not more than an hour. My site is up and running. The creation process is really very simple and intuitive, and the nice thing is that a web space with 5 GB of traffic per month is also provided. Very pleased with the result, I will advise friends.”


Can I use Strikingly to build an e-commerce store?

Yes. With Strikingly provide a with full e-commerce functionality: Create an online store of up to 500 products, receive payment on PayPal, Stripe, and cashless payment, choose delivery methods, and create coupons.

Do Strikingly plans include hosting?

Yes. With Strikingly sites you get fully-managed, high performance cloud hosting.

Does Strikingly have a free trial period?

Yes.  You get 14-day trial version to try out paid plan functionality.