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    Wix customer reviews
    Wix Competitors
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    How to change Wix template
    How to unpublished Wix site
    How to edit Wix website
    Is Wix a good website builder for SEO
    How to add Google analytics to Wix
    How to get Wix premium for free
    How to change domain name on Wix
    How often does Wix have sales / discounts?
    Making Money With Wix
    Is Wix really as mobile-friendly


In this review we are speaking about Wix – a popular site constructor which is  developed by Israel company. It was founded 13 years ago in 2006. During the last few years, Wix has strengthened its positions. The company has developed a number of good applications, improved e-commerce, introduced a new solution for mobile optimization, and also acquired more than 97 million subscribers in more than 190 countries. Today Wix platform allows to create portfolio site, a business card site, a promotional page or a landing page. Wix blogs are easy to construct and convenient to use. Users can get additional functionality using applications offered by Wix or third-party applications.

#1 Wix

Easy to use editor, excellent price, awesome features.
best choice
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Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$0.00 – $24.50
Free plan available

Who should use Wix?

Wix is a good option for creating simple information sites, personal portfolios, blogs, landing pages, as well as simple online stores.

  • small and medium business that need a nice website but don’t want to invest a lot of money and time in it
  • artists, designers, makeup artists, musicians, fashion designers, stylists who need to create a gallery or creative portfolio to attract new customers
  • bloggers who want to set a blog sharing their ideas with the world

Is Wix Free?

All registered users by default get the free Wix plan. It offers hundreds of templates for free, includes hosting, provides with a mobile version and has a basic set of features for building a site a free Wix domain. When you connect the free tariff plan quite noticeable banner at the top and bottom of the page will be displayed. If you don’t need a custom domain and don’t mind advertising so technically that you can publish your site totally for free with Wix.

Wix Screenshots

Wix Pricing

More expensive plan includes all the functionality of the previous ones and adds something new.

  • Free – $0

Free plan may be interesting for those who want to create a business card site or a landing page on Wix domain. It can be a small and simple site with a medium amount of media content.

  • Connect Domain ($8.25 / mo)

Allows you to connect your domain, get premium technical support and gives 500 MB of disk space. With this plan you can’t remove Wix ads;

  • Combo ($4.08 / mo)

It offers you 3 GB of space, free domain, ad removal and favicon. You can make a portfolio with a large number of photos, start a blog or create a website of some organization using Combo paid plan.

  • Unlimited ($12.41 / mo)

#2 Wix

Easy to use editor, excellent price, awesome features.
Ease Of Use StarStarStarStarStar
Features StarStarStarStarStar
Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$0.00 – $24.50
Free plan available

You get increased disk space up to 10 GB, form builder, Site Booster application. If you are planning to upload a lot of content and expect a dense influx of traffic in the future get an Unlimited plan for your web site. It can be blog with a forum, corporate sites and other projects of similar complexity and scope.

  • eCommerce ($16.16 / mo)

Wix offers you 20 GB of space, the ability to connect a basket. eCommerce is obviously for those who want to trade. Particularly interesting is the possibility of selling digital goods.

  • VIP ($24.50 / mo)

You get all premium features of eCommerce plan plus priority customer support and 10 marketing newsletter mailings per month.

Wix pros and cons


  • International trustworthy project
  • Customize the template design as much as you want
  • Wide range of additional functionality;
  • Many Wix developed applications;
  • Good for both beginners and advanced users;
  • All options and widgets are explained;
  • Wix knowledge base;
  • Extensive selection of elements that can be added to the page;
  • Wix App store;
  • Wix Bookings to collect booking requests;
  • Wix Blog to connect your blog to site;
  • SEO-master for website promotion;
  • SSL certificate;
  • Visual editor.
  • Detailed FAQ


  • Overloaded interface may be the problem for beginners;
  • You can spoil the template using unlimited customization opportunities;
  • You can’t switch template after the site was published
  • No HTML or CSS codes editor.
  • Some applications in AppMarket work with errors;
  • Expensive and incomprehensible division of premium plans;
  • The Support answers are not helpful.

Like all the competing products, Wix is not perfect. But clearly one of  the leaders in terms of their capabilities. The disadvantages are not critical.

Wix Rating Details

Rate Comment
Ease of use 10/10 Wix is probably one of the most innovative and easy-to-use website builders.Developers are constantly introducing advanced features and updated solutions to make the designer simple and interesting for their users.The platform offers a drag and drop editor that supports inline editing, providing a full WYSIWYG experience. It allows you to see the immediately how your site will look like.
Advertisement-free Available When you select a free tariff plan quite noticeable banner will be displayed at the top and bottom of the page.You can easily get rid of it buying Combo and others premium plans which are adv-free.
Languages, 10/10 Wix is a multilingual platform available in Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.Quite a significant advantage is the competent implementation of the possibility of creating multilingual sites with Wix Multilingual application.You select a country and the system automatically creates a copy of the site for that language. You can add as many languages as you like and switch them on the top of the page.
Features 10/10 Even a completely free plan has a fairly extensive list of features included: hundreds of beautiful templates, a blog, a large selection of widgets and applications, etc.

Wix Speed & Security

Wix sites, like any other sites made on site builder platforms, will load slowly. If you have a lot of flash-animations on your site, for example, the site will not load as fast as regular sites. Make sure when creating a site, if you overload it with high resolutions and large images, the speed of the Wix site will immediately decrease. . But this fact applies to all site builders that you can use. Simply reduce the size of your images and you will see the result: site will work much faster.

To ensure Wix security platform offers the possibility of connecting the SSL protocol. The service is not completely free, because to activate it you must have one of the premium plans connected. The protocol is very relevant when creating online stores, because it protects the personal data of your customers from theft, as well as various financial transactions.

How Good are Wix Templates?

The service offers more than 500 free templates. All Wix templates are divided into many topics such as:

  • Business
  • Restaurants and food
  • Travel and tourism
  • Health
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Education and culture
  • Art
  • Etc.

There are also categories of templates for blogs and online stores and landing pages. In other words, the templates are grouped not only by subject, but also by type of site. In addition, templates can be sorted by new, popular. Each category contains couple of dozen or even more samples of excellent quality. Categories are divided into many subcategories, which makes it easier to find the template you need. All of them are differently, both in terms of structure and graphic solutions, but they are all beautiful in their own way.

Their designers are constantly updating the library in accordance with current design trends. Wix designers did their best. You can select an empty template, without images and unnecessary design elements. Before installing the template, you can see how it will look on the site along with the content.

WIX offers wide opportunities for customization of templates. There is a set of standard settings like changing the background, and some interesting features. You can add your own fonts, if embedded are not enough for your project. For any element, you can customize effects, borders, indents and add animation. Wix offers unlimited customization of site structure: you can add empty sections, widgets, separate buttons, shapes, animations, text, photos, sliders, forms – anything.

Apps & Extensions

Applications in Wix are essentially functional elements of the site. You get a rather impressive number of applications of different functionality, such as text, galleries, menus, videos, buttons, lists, forms, social networks, a store, a blog, etc. They are like blocks which you can install on your site. Each block has several variations of design and structure and its own settings. You can place it anywhere and customize how you want.

In addition, Wix offers various applications in App Market, which is filled with developers.

It contains a huge number of applications of various kinds: forms, work with social networks, galleries, applications for the store and marketing. You can add an interactive calendar; for example, email marketing tools, surveys, Dropbox, eCommerce, SEO tools and other useful tools to help standard designer functionality. All applications are sorted by categories. Most of them are developed by the Wix team, and the rest are the integration of third-party services. Approximately half of the applications are completely free.

Customer Support

Wix offers a very user-friendly interface, lots of tutorials and tips. Each editable element in your design includes a question mark – just click on it for more information and practical tips. It is a very useful feature, since you don’t need to waste time searching for the answer on your question which is just a click away. If you have any serious issues that you cannot fix yourself, you can always contact their Help Center. You can find many answers on Forum.

The help center has a search bar so you can find quickly exactly what you are looking for. Below the search bar there are numerous categories that allow you to navigate easily and get to the specific topic that you may be interested in.

You can also contact a Wix expert directly by email.

Who is Wix Best For?

Wix is ​​a constructor that does not use coding for creating websites. Its visual interface allows literally everybody to create and manage different sites without using codes.

Wix also has a special offer for freelancers. If you have web design skills, you can join the Wix Arena to uncover your talent and get a thousand potential customers looking to hire a professional. By joining Arena, you will receive exclusive offers from Wix, including monthly rewards and premium support and the opportunity to get first access to new features, among other benefits.

Wix Promo Codes & Coupons

When you pay for your premium plan, you will see a promo code field that allows you to get a discount. Wix regularly offers discounts, sometimes up to 50%.

As a rule, the offered discounts of 50% apply to the Unlimited and eCommerce plans. This is a good chance to use Wix services for a good price.


Wix is ​​a reliable website builder with an excellent reputation and more than 100 million satisfied users who have created their sites with Wix platform. You can create a website of any type that you need – from the landing page to an online store with thousands daily visitors.

The functionality is very wide, and interface is simple and understandable. That makes Wix so popular website builder platform nowadays. All sites are optimized for mobile devices. As a result you can get a stylish and well-functioning site.

With this range of editing tools and applications, you can create a unique website with an individual design. It will take a lot of time, but the result will worth it.

The store made on Wix looks great, the blog is excellent, the business card is amazing. The platform even allows you to create forums that are very rare option for sitebuilders.

Sitebuilder is more than suitable for use, if you do not take into account minor disadvantages. The main problem of the system is the existence of other strong players in the market. Wix is ​​difficult to find an alternative in its class, but still possible. There is no doubt Wix is ​​an interesting engine, even one of the best. If it were necessary to describe it in one word, it would be “spectacular”. It is very well adapted for high-quality presentation of graphic content, and the platform  itself looks aesthetically and expensive.

Wix is constantly updated with new templates and features. This is one of the most promising designers to date. You can hardly create a social network or a dating site, but any site of average size and complexity is will not be a problem for this platform. The result is very attractive, and is achieved quite simply. We recommend to try this service to, you definitely will not regret!

So, think of all the pros and cons of using this platform compare Wix with other website builders, or just try the platform yourself to get a better idea of ​​this web service. Hopefully our Wix review will help you to figure it out.

Wix websites examples

Wix customer reviews

“Once I saw an advertisement of an online website builder. is a free website builder so I decided to try and was really good! The site is quite simple to use and does not require special knowledge of web-mastering.

You can create both informational sites and online stores. You can even try to create a music site, but personally I have not tried

The interface is very clear.

I’ve been using platform for over a year.

Once I went through several popular site designers, but I couldn’t find anything better than Wix for myself.”

“With Wix I’ve created my first full-fledged site. My wife became a photographer and I decided to make a website for her. I wanted to make the site as quickly and cheaply as possible. I did not want to study any kind of WordPress, Joomla and other stuff. And in the end I’ve chosen Wix because of several reasons:

  • the ability to create and publish site for fee
  • great functionality (I still discover new features for myself)
  • many templates
  • detailed FAQ
  • international trustworthy project
  • discounts

A year has passed since I created my first Wix sate. I decided to buy and premium account and write Review on this resource. Totally satisfied with the service”

“I wanted to create a site for my musical group. I read some reviews and decided to try Wix. The most difficult thing for me was to choose a Wix theme for my future site: those that were offered in music category seemed to me unacceptable (my subjective opinion). After some time I found something really perfect for myself and I started to work. The discovery for me was the simplicity of template personalization: hints like: I am a text, click on me for editing “helped me a lot in mastering the editor. I easily changed the template background, added some photos and interactive maps indicating the place where the next concert will take place.

Integrated services YouTube and Sound Cloud minimize the time spent on adding video and audio materials, in addition, they have their own viewing statistics, which is very convenient.

There is also synchronization with all major social networks, which is extremely important for me.”

“I am a freelancer; I work as a photo artist. I made my portfolio on Wix website creator.

The platform is nice and interesting. The only problem for me was annoying advertisements like “This site was created using Create a FREE website >>”. It was so annoying that I’m mentioning it here in my review. The interface is really simple, all functions are signed, and you can choose the design and further edit it. You can edit font colors, font style and the images. My Wix portfolio looks beautiful. As a bonus I’ve even used Wix logo maker to create my logo.

In general, Wix is the easiest way to create something different on the website builder platform.”

“I needed a website, but I didn’t want to pay developers. That’s why I decided to use a Wix website maker. I understood the interface immediately and started to work on my website. Everything is very simple. Everything was perfect until the publication. The site, in my opinion, is loading very slowly. One more disadvantage, there is no normal communication with Wix support. When you contact them, the answers are all samples, it not really helping.

So if you need a very simple website at the beginning of promotion and there is no desire to invest financially, then WIX will work for you. And if you need a good download speed and something really professional, then you should look for something else.”

Wix Competitors


How to change Wix template

WIX offers wide opportunities for customization of templates. There is a set of standard settings like changing the background, and some interesting features. You can add your own fonts, if embedded are not enough for your project. For any element, you can set effects, borders, indents and add animation. Wix offers unlimited customization of site structure: you can add empty sections, widgets, separate buttons, shapes, animations, text, photos, sliders, forms – anything.

You can change your template any time but you can’t switch to another template after your site is published.

How to unpublished Wix site

To unpublish your site: Click to access your Site Manager. When your site is unpublished visitors will not be able to access it. You can publish your site again at any time.

How to edit Wix website

Any time you can edit your site. Go to your site’s dashboard, click Manage Site and then Edit Site button.

Is Wix a good website builder for SEO

Yes. Wix has a very useful tool that all beginners will like. This is SEO Wiz (it is available in the “Management” section). Here you can customize SEO parameters using step-by-step instructions. You can additionally install applications from AppMarket for tracking statistics and other various tools for capturing system functionality, such as applications for integration in the field of marketing and social networking, email settings, pop-up windows, callbacks and online consulting buttons.

Advanced users can do their own page optimization. The basic settings of SEO constructor sites Wix, which you can edit manually:

  • Page meta tags (title, description, etc.);
  • Alt attribute (all images must have);
  • Headers (H1-H6 can improve readability and create optimized SEO content);
  • Anchor links (help to quickly find information of interest);
  • Redirection tools (301 redirection between domains, platforms and inside Wix);
  • Adding a site to the Google Analytics system and using other analytic systems.

How to add Google analytics to Wix

All you need to do is go to Marketing Integrations select Google Analytics and click Go For It. At the top right click Connect Google Analytics.

How to get Wix premium for free

You can use a voucher or wait for good discount which are often kindly offered by the Wix team. If you want to use Wix paying a minimum price, subscribe to the system’s mailing list, wait for discounts and take advantage of the moment! For example, alerts about the next discount regularly arrive at the registration mail of our test account. That’s how almost for free you can use advanced functionalities of the  one of the most enjoyable and high-quality visual editor.

How to change domain name on Wix

It is not possible to edit or modify a domain name once purchased.

How often does Wix have sales / discounts?

Wix team offers seasonal Sales and discounts. Check the official site for more information.

Making Money With Wix

Wix has its own e-commerce platform, offering a decent set of customizable parameters multiple payment options, coupons, tax management to help you set up your online store and make money using Wix site. Please note that e-commerce features offered by Wix team are good for small stores.

Is Wix really as mobile-friendly

Wix is a mobile optimized website. The Wix editor has a separate area in which you can customize the template for mobile viewing. Mobile and full versions are developed separately based on the same template; all your changes in the mobile editor will not affect your main site. However, it is important to note that you will have one site, which means that you do not need to update both versions. By updating your full version of the site, you also update your mobile phone version.