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When you don’t have the budget and the time to go through the lengthy process of getting a website designed and developed, your best alternative is a DIY website builder. Website builders are an ideal solution, without the fuss or the cost to get started on a web design. Whether you are looking to own an online business, a blog, display portfolio or set up an ecommerce store, get your web design instantly. But first choose the right one.

Comparison Reviews by Industry Experts

Get all the experience at to learn more about which website builder is right for you. Our in-depth expert reviews with point by point comparison will give you the complete insights on how top website builders work and how to get your web design with the least amount of time. We do the background analysis and research so that you don’t have to do it, simply choose and get started.

Best business website builders – 2019: considering five


Are you pondering about going online? If you already know why – maybe you do need to get online. And if you are stopped on this moment by the hardness and costliness of making your site in some web studio – don’t worry, we have the right solution, which is tailored for you and millions of other people like you: business site builders.

The small business website builders are the online tools, which are designed to build a site to anyone, literally. All you need to have to create a small business website – are a few:

  • the head on your shoulders

  • ideas in this head about what you want your site to look like (or have several examples of other sites that you like, opened before your eyes on the monitor)

  • a general concept of what pages the site should have and the point of every page (what function it has to perform)

  • PC/laptop

  • access to the Internet

  • keyboard and a mouse

  • and several hours or a couple of days of free time.

As you can see, we haven’t mentioned special knowledge about anything concerning the technical functioning of sites – as site makers are completely ready to do the entire job for you thanks to WYSIWYG functionality. Just drag-and-drop elements on the page and use the pre-built premium templates to personalize them to your needs within a really short time – and you are ready to go. Start the hosting of your domain name within minutes of time and the site already starts to live. So simple.

If you want to sell much stuff online – you might want to consider e-commerce site makers. But what’s the difference between small business site maker and the one dedicated to creating e-commerce sites, you say? In the scale of business profit generated by the received product and the time, which you are going to spend tuning and updating a site. The first option is an additional channel of sales and maybe even not a sales channel but info channel. The e-store, in opposition to it, is a primary sales channel, which doesn’t even need to have an offline point of sales. Today, we are going to consider small and medium business site makers – top 5 in 2019.


Small business website builders: what to look for

Below, we are giving you some useful tips on what to look for when selecting the right tool to you.

  1. First of all, be aware that despite the vast number of site makers on the market, not all of them are good or suitable for your purpose. There are many outdated ones, which not even nearly provide you with the required functionality and high class of templates. So, to make the selection process of meaning to you, we have pre-selected 5 really good site makers highly suitable for the business area and embracing a lot of tools to make it possible for you to build a really sturdy site.

  2. Affordability in price. Due to the fact that all site makers are based on monthly payments (sometimes, billed per month and sometimes, for a year), you have to pick the right builder and the right subscription plan of a builder to suit your budget. Consider the annual payment based on a monthly price and if the sum does not scare you – continue with it. Be aware that costliest options are, as a rule, for e-commerce subscriptions so if you don’t want to sell anything using the site – don’t opt for the high cost. If you do plan to sell – make sure that the site maker offers the exact channels of accepting payments relevant for your country, as otherwise, you won’t be able to sell smoothly. 

  3. Ease of use. Consider your own level of technical knowledge and ease of operating inside of the interface.

  4. SEO – if it is important for you to be found online, not paying anything for web promotion.

  5. The number of templates and their customization – the easier and faster it is to tune up the template to receive the desired outcome, the faster you will be satisfied with it.


What best business website builders for a small business are on our list

  • Wix platform

  • Weebly

  • Squarespace

  • 1&1

  • Godaddy.


Wix website builder’s overview 

Choose this site maker for large opportunities for creativity and changing webpages. It may not offer the highest degree of flexibility of adjustments done to the pre-made templates but you are equipped with expedient power of tools, which are able to solve any issue arising before the owner of a small business. Cool drag-and-drop and niceness of work process in any of 500+ templates of Wix site maker allow you to create the online brand awareness fast and reliable.


Website builder’s strong sides:

  1. It has ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to make it possible for you to build a site based on the initial data that you enter – about you, business, location, pricing, and other things. Within seconds of time, the site is ready and can be adjusted by you even further.

  2. Over categorized 500 templates to work with.

  3. Comprehensible and packed with the functionality visual interface.

  4. Offers the app and plugin store with thousands of apps for every occasion.

  5. Appealing drag-and-drop functionality.

  6. Highly interactive interface with a lot of power (many users find this business website maker the best choice on the market exactly due to its enormous power of customization).

  7. Restore & backup are doable at any time.


Website builder’s weak sides:

  1. Two or three levels of depth of navigation are not good for all types and variances of sites, embracing maybe 90% of the possible types.

  2. If you want to migrate elsewhere – you can’t, as there is no possibility to download the entire site on your PC. 

  3. Despite the fact of awesome adjustments of your site’s pages, you aren’t allowed to get too far – making us feel the right to estimate the flexibility as of 3.5 stars out of possible 5.

  4. Even buying a subscription for money, not always you get deprived of banners of this site maker all over your pages. It concerns the low-cost plan for $4.50 a month. So, you pay to see the banners? Hmm… Doubtful.

  5. Switching between templates in this site maker is not possible without the loss of completely all information that you have previously entered on your site. Consider, you’re doing a site from scratch.

  6. To work in Wix normally, you have to have a powerful PC and strong Internet connection. Otherwise, it’ll work slow.

  7. If your plan is to create a many-pages site, better not choose Wix as it becomes hard to manage a site with many pages.

  8. You are almost always limited in bandwidth and storage space – like it is not the 21st century on the street.

  9. If you want to migrate elsewhere – you can’t. Just redo the entire site from the ground.

  10. Though mobile friendliness is highly advertised by this site maker, not all its templates support it.

  11. Not too powerful SEO. Some things must be decided by installing additional apps while some can’t be solved at all.

  12. The offered free name is one of the worst amongst the best website builders for small business and looks like ‘’.

  13. Ads in this site maker are the hugest among the rest of tools on our list and they captivate a huge part of your page. They also are heavy and eat a lot of bandwidth, which, as we know, Wix limits harshly.


Weebly website builder’s overview

Weebly is loved by many for quite many pluses and little minuses compared to its nearest competitor Wix. You can run it for free, it is quick to work in, it offers great customization of pages, over 100 great templates, and it is generally quite highly ranked by its users. 


Website builder’s strong sides:

  1. There is no so much money required to build an online store: you start with just 10 Euros a month. Certainly, its power is not as strong as in Shopify (which is not on our today’s list) but it is quite nice to have such a low-cost store online. Weebly business site maker is not a specialized builder and so do not expect from it the biggest power of e-commerce.

  2. A pretty big number of categorized templates, which are easy to adjust.

  3. Drag-and-drop is easy to master, simple to work with, and delivers great results.

  4. Its templates have already pleased millions of users all over the world.

  5. Its SEO power is marked as one of the strongest on the market of best website builders for business.

  6. Switch between the themes as many times as you want, not losing anything from the previously made personalization. There may be some errors, though, which, however, are not critical and you can take care of them pretty quickly.

  7. If you wanna dig into the HTML code manually – then why not. Do it to even further customize the pages to make a small business website.

  8. You can run it for free – unlike all other business site makers, which offer such a trait only for a couple of weeks and then pushing you to the paid functionality.


Website builder’s weak sides:

  1. There are no restoring or backup options. So, it is impossible to save your site. You have to be as cautious as possible during making changes and deleting elements. If you wanna play around – be sure to clone a webpage with which you are going to play so to return to the working one if anything goes wrong.

  2. While Wix has the ADI, Weebly business site maker does not.

  3. The picture management process is considered tricky by most users.

  4. For really wide freedom of changing your pages, one has to manually change the HTML code. But since knowledge of HTML is not a strong side of many users, it’s a con. It can be solved by resorting to a person-programmer – to whom, it is necessary to pay.


Squarespace website builder’s overview

Squarespace has been doing recently some big commercials, involving Hollywood stars to them. It is known that Keanu Reeves used Squarespace business site builder for his business connected with motorcycles, for instance. Many million people love this tool for adequate simplicity and sleek designs, which are very appealing to an eye. However, the beauty has to be paid and so, from the point of view of cost, it’s not the cheapest one, as even the lowest-cost subscription plan starts with $12 a month (if paid annually) or $16 a month (if paid monthly).


Website builder’s strong sides:

  1. There are vivid discounts on the cost of a monthly subscription if paid annually, not monthly.

  2. Storage and bandwidth are unlimited – which is a good alternative to Wix.

  3. The high beauty of its templates, which is the biggest plus of this business site builder.

  4. SEO is important for the creators of this tool and thus, it is implemented on a high level.

  5. Bloggers love its features of blogging.

  6. A ton of functional & modern templates.

  7. Perfect to create websites, where the visual part is heavily relied on – for portfolios of designers, event managers, content creators, logo designers, writers, and other highly creative people.


Website builder’s weak sides:

  1. If you need to build up the best website for small business with many pages, Squarespace is not good. It is hard to manage a lot of pages, doing the manual changes in its interface.

  2. Unlike other business website builders, it does not have a drag-and-drop of a visual interface to which people got used to – so the managing quality lower as it takes time to master the interface. 

  3. 2 levels of navigation (level 1 is the home page) are not good for all websites and cover maybe half of all their types.

  4. The ‘Business’ plan of subscription charges users 3% sales commission. Wanna eliminate it? Run for the costlier subscriptions – from 26 to 46 dollars a month. 


1&1 website builder’s overview

This tool has a limited audience to which the offer of its services would be of the biggest power: serious people like advocates, consultants, accountants, lawyers, notaries, and people of similar professions. It’s not primarily oriented at the beauty of pages and it’s rather tuned for information delivery to users of websites. However, if you want to create a flower store’s page or akin, you can find one in its templates and personalize it for your needs.


Website builder’s strong sides:

  1. It is good for those types of businesses, which plan to grow (and do grow), as it is scalable and has additional practical tools like accounting assistance and inclusion into local business catalogs and directories. 

  2. Over 100 easily customizable and modern designs split into categories.

  3. It is possible to change HTML but you are not pushed to it, as it is possible to live with its visual interface.

  4. It has e-commerce too.

  5. Ability to build up a multilingual website very simple (just turn on the languages option).

  6. A good number of embedded features to give extra strengths to your website.

  7. Pricing is well, especially its fabulous 1-month option for 1 buck for starters (which goes up to $8 a month after the end of the first month of usage).

  8. E-mail marketing.

  9. Sharing content on social media.

  10. Blogging is quite nice.

  11. Strong SEO, which also shows tips on how to improve.


Website builder’s weak sides:

  1. Its templates do not give such visually alluring picture as Squarespace – but maybe you don’t need to.

  2. All other business website builders offer pretty much the same as this one.


Godaddy website builder’s overview

It’s fast and it’s simple. It’s fairly agile to make own website with this tool – if you are not seeking for the sophistication of your web presence.


Website builder’s strong sides:

  1. Superb to get yourself online really fast. Literally, in less than an hour.

  2. E-commerce covers 5 thousand products and a number of customizations – for a really good price.


Website builder’s weak sides:

  1. Well, this business website builder is not for complex developments with many-page requirements. It’s just impossible to make those.

  2. If you are an artistic or creative person, Godaddy is not the best choice to showcase your works or to organize them into the slide galleries.


FAQ about business website builders

Which is the easiest small business website builder?

The easiest one from best small business website builders on the list may be considered Weebly – for an excellent visual interface, not stuffed with the overwhelming functionality as Wix has, which feels like a stuffed holiday turkey. If you want the interface allowing to do nearly everything – then opt for Wix, as it is great if you aren’t afraid of so many functions but actually search for them. If you don’t want to get into the HTML code in order to reach the list of functions and high personalization – Wix is your choice. 


Which is the cheapest small business website builder?

To answer this question, let us introduce you briefly to the pricing of business website builders:

  • Wix: from $4.50 a month to $35 a month

  • Weebly: from $0 to €30 a month

  • Squarespace: from $12 to $46 a month

  • 1&1 IONOS: from $1 (for the 1st month only) to $45 a month

  • Godaddy: from $5.99 to $19.99 a month.

Considering the said, the cheapest one is Weebly professional website builder as it can be used for free. But if you don’t want limitations put on your website due to the unpaid character of use and hate banners, which Wix will cover your website with, select Godaddy as the cheapest paid option of the best website builders for small business.


Which small business website builder has the best templates?

In terms of excellence of visual looks, Squarespace is an unbeaten leader of the list. The websites created by this business website builder are loved by tens of millions of users – for a visually appealing picture. In the terms of functionality for online stores and sales in general, choose 1&1 (also known as 1&1 IONOS) – from 15 to 45 dollars a month, it is possible to set up a huge functional store with tons of useful features and integration abilities.


Which professional small business website builder is best on mobile?

The mobile friendliness is a powerful option for every business website builder on our list so it is hard to say that one or two only excel in this. It is possible to select any business website builder to brag about an integrated mobile and tablet friendliness. Be aware, though, that some templates of Wix do not support mobile friendliness so test every liked template before starting seriously working with it.


How long will it take me to build my own small business website?

As all business website builders are designed to help people create websites, they tend to help even those users-customers who don’t know anything about making and running a website. Thus, even if you don’t have any specific knowledge in the construction of websites and have never used any business website builders before you should be able to build it within hours. If you need to take your time to master the interface and ponder what you want from your website, to play with it and excel to visual perfection, it may take days. In either case, it’ll be up to 1 week. But if you do have experience of work in this or that business website builder and you have previously created websites (and know for sure what you want from your website to have and to look like, without playing around) – you should be able to make one within 1-3 hours.

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