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The Top Website Builders on the Web

When you don’t have the budget and the time to go through the lengthy process of getting a website designed and developed, your best alternative is a DIY website builder. Website builders are an ideal solution, without the fuss or the cost to get started on a web design. Whether you are looking to own an online business, a blog, display portfolio or set up an ecommerce store, get your web design instantly. But first choose the right one.

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Get all the experience at to learn more about which website builder is right for you. Our in-depth expert reviews with point by point comparison will give you the complete insights on how top website builders work and how to get your web design with the least amount of time. We do the background analysis and research so that you don’t have to do it, simply choose and get started.

Top Web Design Sites

It’s not a too complicated issue to create your own site today. What is most important is to choose a site builder from a large variety of ones that are available on the market. Today, we are going to figure out 10 most impressive site builders and immerse into definitions and criteria of choice, giving you the as full picture as possible so after reading this article, you would be able to select a site builder right for you.

Considering a list of top website builders

Here they are and we’ll delve into the fast details of everyone in the list of best website builders:


The definition of modern website builders
Who would find website builders useful?
How to choose the best website builder
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The best options for a specific industry
Website builder reviews and complaints of consumers
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  1. Description of the best website builder uKit

UKIT is one of the best ones on the market and can be compared to Wix. It offers hundreds of templates designs, has easy integration with Amo CRM, SSL security adjustable just in a few clicks, a number of domains to choose from, interface easy to navigate with a wizard at the beginning helping you out with basic set up, a possibility to export blogs and pictures from social networks, and adaptive designs.



  1. It is possible to do SEO and technically optimized sites with ease, of many directions, using a modern tool

  2. Low prices with high discounts if paid for long terms allow you saving up to 30% of the monthly price.



  1. You can’t create a web store with thousands of pages. Optimal is about 1-2 hundred ones but sure – if you have enough time and persistence, you can.

  2. The same as in every site builder, here you can only create static pages (that are fully predetermined prior to been shown to a user), not dynamic.

  3. Not good for blogging, only limiting blogs’ content to text, videos, and pictures.


Pricing model:

It offers a number of premium plans that start with just $3.5 dollars a month – much cheaper than the most part of other site builders and up to $15 a month to receive unlimited access to its functionality. With that, if you pay for 6 months, you get a discount 10%. Paying for 1 year will lead you to a discount of 2%, and 2-years subscription in one go will save you 30%. These all come in addition to periodic sales that can make the amount of spent money even lesser.


  1. Description of a website maker Wix

Wix today is one of the most popular site builders surpassing almost every other with over 110 million sites globally constructed using Wix (this amount is surpassed by WordPress). It has a free trial, starts from only 3 dollars a month, and has an overwhelming number of options to customize your website. It is great for any kind of a small business, hotels, cafes, travelers, photographers, graphical editors, and other people of creative professions. We can easily say it is suitable for hundreds of industries.



  1. It is so powerful that it has nearly everything a regular person might want from website makers for creating a website.

  2. A lot of features of help will not leave you abandoned alone.

  3. Great value for money.



  1. Once you launch your site online, you cannot change the selected template anymore.

  2. A number of apps and widgets it allows are scarce and you may opt for scaling up your site using 3rd party ones.

  3. If you have a slow PC/laptop and slow Internet, don’t count on productive work with Wix as it literally overwhelms with the bulkiness of its weight.

  4. You won’t have a possibility to turn off commercial banners on the pages of your site if you will not buy the subscription

  5. You don’t have a lot of freedom in personalizing your pages as the positioning of elements on pages is rigidly limited to end positions.


Pricing model:

It has 7 different tariff plans, starting from $3 for connecting own domain and having 500 Mb online disk storage. If you feel like 10 Gb is nearly anything that might be of your interest, you should choose ‘Unlimited’ plan costing $8.50 a month. But if you really don’t wanna limit yourself in such thing as space for storage and have the vastness of other options, you should choose any of three business plans: 13-22 dollars a month.


  1. Description of a website creator Weebly

It powers about 40 million websites with a number keep growing. It’s good for a low starting price ($0 a month), a free trial possibility, mobile responsiveness, a possibility for advanced users to play with HTML and CSS (which is a wow-factor that isn’t present in the biggest part of all other site builders except WordPress), and ability to attach Google maps, portfolios, and a vast number of other widgets to build up a really cool site.



  1. You can edit HTML and CSS to fine-tune your page, which gives you much bigger freedom than any other site builder. But even if you are not an advanced user – you can create something fabulous not diving into a single line of code at all.

  2. Amazingly helpful SEO guides.

  3. A possibility to download your code (that is a super advantage to be able to change it offline and distribute between other your websites).

  4. Switch themes of a site even after it goes live, which is impossible in Wix, for instance.


Examples of disadvantages:

  1. A slightly complicated visual builder that requires significantly more time to master.

  2. Limited drag-and-drop, which does not allow using only the mouse to make all customizations (so you have to delve into code).

  3. You can’t restore your site to a certain point in time if you mess up with anything you did (there is no backup restoration and if you really need to do it, you have to contact a support team that takes time).


Pricing model:

You can get one of 4 pricing plans. The zero-dollar first one offers you displaying ads, 500 Mb storage, and the own subdomain. $5 a month will still make your site show Weebly’s ads and have the same storage capacity but you will be able to attach your domain to it. No-ads, unlimited storage, and a number of other tasty traits are offered for 12 and 25 dollars a month.


  1. Description of a website creation tool Squarespace

Professional templates of sites will make you look much better compared to any other free site builder. Responsive design, all-day-round working support, and a lot of flexibility were estimated by over 1 million users. 2-weeks trial period will let you appreciate how convenient this is for you. If you’re searching for astounding templates, wonderful customization, and a lot of quality in everything it offers – Squarespace should be your choice. Even Keanu Reeves appreciated the usefulness of Squarespace comparing it to a motorcycle that gives power, freedom, and sophistication. It is one of the most closely standing site builders to the work of a professional human – site builder.



  1. No need to code in any of a ton of wonderful, professional templates that offer you a mass of customization, giving much bigger freedom than Wix, for instance.

  2. Large design flexibility.



  1. A GUI of a site builder takes time to get used to but in the end, the work with it will be rewarding and your site will look as if a professionally created one.

  2. Quite a significant amount of money is required in its subscription plans compared to most other site builders.


Pricing model:

It starts at $16 a month with a monthly subscription allowing you to save 25% if paid for a year. E-commerce plans will cost you $30 or $46 with a possible discount in 13% of the paid amount for a year.


  1. Description of a site builder Wordpress

WordPress today powers about a third part of all Internet sites, it has options for beginners in building websites but also it has super-costly professional plans for large sites with automatically generated pages (which can have millions of views a month). A free trial will let you understand if you desire to work with this site builder or not. One of the biggest issues of WordPress is that it often requires knowledge of websites coding in order to use all of its features and opportunities. It’s not the best site for newbies but it offers the best possible flexibility, which is 100% compared to manual coding.


Rated advantages:

  1. Unlimited design freedom and anything can be done using WordPress.

  2. Many specialized site features.

  3. You may significantly upgrade the site you’ve previously created in some poorly-adaptive template (like in Wix) to bring it up on a professional level.


Disadvantages of the service:

  1. It does not offer a support team so if you need anything to troubleshoot, you have to hire someone or deal with it on your own.

  2. You really need to know how to code or to hire someone to do the most customization and integration job.

  3. It is not a WYSIWYG editor mostly.


Pricing model:

As it has many basics and add-ons, the range for a piece may hugely differ from $0 to ∞. The services and payments are split into large chunks:

  • hosting

  • tutorials and courses

  • themes (with a custom design that may cost you even above 10 thousand dollars)

  • plugins

  • technical support.

Also, prices are usually split into one-time purchase cost and having a monthly basis. Also, you can count on the working hours of a professional web developer who will implement your tasks for 100-180 dollars for an hour depending on a number of factors and complexity.


  1. Description of a website builder software Jimdo


This is one of a few site builders that have an ADI option – Artificial Design Intelligence. To use it, you have to provide information about what do you expect from a site to do and some more details and let the ADI feature to create a site completely fitting your needs. It has everything a newbie needs creating a site, including easy-to-use interface, cheap subscription plans, free trial during 14 days, and concise support. It is not the best value for money, flexibility of templates, many features to add to website’s pages, and literally average customer support but in a nutshell, we can give it 4 stars out of 5.



  1. If you don’t want advertisement, it is cheap to get rid of them on a monthly basis.

  2. Unlimited storage is available for a Business plan or a higher option of subscription.

  3. The written help sections are brief and concise so you won’t need addressing to a manned help in most cases.



  1. A limited choice of templates and their design leaves to wish for best.

  2. You can’t restore a site to a point in time if you happen to mess up.

  3. Not a very convenient WYSIWYG editor that causes a feeling of clumsiness.


Pricing model:

Currently, the site builder offers 5 various subscription plans that start with $0 a month. In this and the following simple plan for 5 dollars a month, a user gets limited disk storage, limited bandwidth, and HTTPS option (a free plan does not provide a separate domain or no ads embedded). For $20 a month and higher (30 or 40 dollars are available as well), a user gets premium support, optimization for mobile devices, online store, SEO optimization, and a possibility of an expert review of a site (in the costlier plan).


  1. Description of a simple website builder Site123

This site builder has a very good live support that is ready to solve all your questions, available free plan, and high ease of use. Though it does not provide too many features for your webpage, it gets 4/5 stars from us overall.



  1. Great interactive support.

  2. Mobile-friendly templates.

  3. It’s super easy to use an app market.



  1. You will not be able to produce a professional site with this site builder.

  2. A template of your site can only be changed before it goes live. Otherwise, if you will really need to change it, you will have to rebuild a site completely to have such an opportunity.

  3. It does not provide you too much freedom or flexibility.


Pricing model:

There are four plans offered with great discounts. It is impossible to pay for 1 month only (the minimum is 3 months), however, it does not make it a bad option of using a site builder as you can have really hefty discounts when you pay for usage for 1, 2 or 3 years (up to 62% of the entire monthly cost!). The Basic plan will cost ya from $6.45 to $17 a month, Advanced – from $11.45 to $25, Professional – from $14.45 to $33, and Gold – from $19.45 to $41.


  1. Description of the easiest website builder Godaddy

Godaddy is the only site builder that completely revolves around the ADI approach – Artificial Design Intelligence. You tell the site builder what business you represent, what you expect from a site to do, what personal features and information you have, and just let the site do the magic of creating everything for you on the go. It May be a little time-consuming in the beginning when you will answer all those questions but then, you just receive a finished ready-to-use product from a magical wand. You can manually adjust some pages afterward, of course. This site builder is used by about 18 million websites and it offers the longest free trial period from all site builders – 1 month.



  1. A full-fledged ADI that the entire site revolves around. That enables you to create your site in a matter of minutes and just let it live and thrive.

  2. Extremely cheap pricing.

  3. The site builder has high ease of use and design flexibility.



  1. Creative freedom is limited.

  2. Some features are wanted to be more profound.

  3. The part of visual builder isn’t that pretty as other site builders may offer you but, hey, if it lowers your site building time to only a few minutes, this shouldn’t be a drawback.


Pricing model:

It starts with $5.99 a month, offering you for that responsive mobile design, website hosting, 24/7 support, SSL, good performance of page-load, and a possibility to create a blog. The next plan is $9.99 and offers the same adding the PayPal button and SEO optimization possibility. The ‘Business+’ offers email marketing, integration with social media, a possibility to google your business, and share content to Facebook for only $14.99 a month. The fourth plan gives all the same for 29.99 dollars a month adding online store with a possibility to take credit cards, Apple Pay, and a number of other payment options, configuration of shipping and taxation for pieces of your merchandise, discounts, promos, reviews, and abandoned cart recovery among the number of added features.


  1. Description of a web page builder Shopify

It is not that widely approachable website as other website constructors and lesser than 1 million websites created using this platform’s capabilities exist globally but it is a brilliant tool for creating specifically web stores, stuffing them with so many amazing features.



  1. You can connect varying social media to sell your merchandise (these include eBay, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook).

  2. It has the best customer score in satisfaction on multiple criteria as a website builder for e-shops and the functionality.

  3. The inventory system to manage your store is simply brilliant.



  1. It does not have a free trial

  2. The entire shop cannot be designed and set live using only a visual editor, so you will have to constantly switch between the editor and a dashboard.

  3. It has own commission (fee) for letting you use built-in Shopify Payments (a dedicated payment system, which is not much too known across the countries).

  4. It’s better to use the theme wisely before you decide to move on, as there will be no automatic adjustments to the personification you have done if you happen to switch to another template.


Pricing model:

You can pay for its usage on a monthly basis, as well as you can buy the subscription for 1 and 2 years. Paying annually, you save 10% of the price and in the case with 2 years, it’ll be -20%.

It has three plans: Basic for $29 a month (here and in two other plans, we provide the basic pricing, not considering the possible discount), ‘Shopify’ for 79 dollars, and Advanced for $299.


  1. Description of a website builders company Strikingly

This is a 4-stars (out of 5) website builder that offers you top-notch help, support, and great value for your money. It is focused on users who do not have any technical background but they desire to get online cost-effectively and fast.


Advantages of the platform to build a website:

  1. Ideal to create and lead easily customizable and powerful blogs

  2. Has one of the best pricing policies on the market

  3. Reformat your template easily and without hassle

  4. Great support and help knowledge base will let you resolve all your questions fast and fully.

  5. Allows transferring your domain to theirs to manage all your sites in one platform.

  6. You can secure the domain name, get back to your reservation, and plug it in when you’re ready to migrate to a paid plan.


Disadvantages of the software:

  1. As this website builder tool is positioned the best for blogging, it has limitations in power in other areas of website creation services like e-commerce, scalability for business sites, and impossibility to create many-page sites, as it is tuned to create one-page sites.

  2. Editing is limited so you lose in aesthetics.

  3. Poor usability of templates.


The pricing model of this quick website builder:

It has four payment plans: $0 (very limited in features and time of usage), $8 a month (vividly limited but all basics are allowed, including nice bandwidth, friendly 24/7 support, and unlimited storage), $16 a month (most popular one with a powerful tool for e-commerce up to 300 products per 1 site, amongst the other features), and $49 a month professional all-included regimen.


The definition of modern website builders

Building a website is not an easy task. You have to resort to many things to know to build one from scratch. Luckily, with a booming increase of the Internet in life of humanity, there have many website building tools arisen online that allow automating many tasks connected to the creation of a site and launching it to life with a possibility of easy changing afterward on your own. Such specialized sites that allow you to create own website are called ‘website constructors’.

They have varying functionality and pricing models, having or not having a free try-and-buy period, as well as a big number of other options. The most part of such website constructors will allow you to create a site in meager hours and to launch it for a free or paid hosting. Some of their built-in wizards are so powerful, in fact, that they only collect some basic information from you and then – boom – create a site just in seconds, specifically for your needs. When you need a site really fast, in minutes, with such website constructors you can have a decent result even on your lap during a business meeting or something similar. The others are much more sophisticated and may need a thorough technical background to create something professional, much more than just ‘decent’.


Looking at a web developer as a person who would do the same job as a web builder (tool)

Pros of a person-developer:

  1. The site will be created specifically under your needs, with no other site on the web looking exactly similar to yours.

  2. It may be of any complexity and the number of pages.

  3. The internal content of the pages isn’t limited to anything or to a number of types of attachable files.

  4. It is created optimized for SEO and page load times from the start, with wider and ampler opportunities to make fine-tunes in these areas, as well as the technical optimization of the core of it in the future, taking into account every your wish.

  5. When the site is created and hosted, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription if you won’t do any changes to it (or will do them with your own powers).


Cons of a person-developer:

  1. Cost. Really good sites professionally tuned to bring money to their owner cost from a couple of thousand dollars to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  2. It is inevitable to have a person to support such site technically and in the content that it is filled with. That also includes a need to choose your own hosting and pay for it.

  3. You can’t make technical modifications to the site on your own unless you know specifically the coding work and all its peculiarities.

  4. Time to develop such a site will likely take months from the idea to have it to finally launching it with a need of many agreements between the counterparties about the progress and the product’s testing.


Who would find website builders useful?

A wide range of people will find website constructors greatly needed:

-  private and small business

-  free-profession people and creative workers (people of free mind) like painters, writers, photographers, and so on

-  businessmen who want to launch their small studios or boutiques

-  small and medium shops

-  artists, public persons

-  bloggers (though, for vlogs, YouTube or other video hosting sites would be the best choice).

Basically, anyone who wants to have an online presence with no or little cost and is ready to invest several hours or days of own time to receive a decent result is the potential client of website constructors.


How to choose the best website builder

First, decide why you need the site. Websites can sell, inform, collect data.

If they are for selling, then a web store is a perfect solution – the most part of website builders have a dedicated subscription plan for e-commerce, offering a store with hundreds of pages, options of discounts, payment options, carts & picking cart abandonment, verification of purchase and tracking its delivery, and many other useful things.

Informative websites can be blogs, news websites, personal or business cards and containing wide information about your merchandise or enterprise.

Data-collection sites are usually one-page sites like landing pages that gather information about your visitors (to turn them into leads, prospects, or clients) in exchange for something trifling like a try-and-buy piece of your product, a book, an educational film, or subscription to the newsfeed.

Depending on which ones of the listed above you choose you must select a specific type of website builder that allows you creating your website. Take into account their tariff plans suiting you. Eventually, who knows, maybe you will find any of the existing layouts not suitable and will go for hiring a man builder of your website.


Tips to find the best website builder

1 If you don’t know anything about coding or editing pics in Photoshop, you just choose a website builder that has an easy and comprehensible visual editor that won’t make you overwhelmed.

2 If you need a really powerful tool – choose Squarespace or Weebly. But if you find them not the tools that are able to bring you a full degree of happiness – then WordPress is the best choice but it is expensive in most cases and requires coding knowledge and manual work.

3 Template number and versatility. Ideally, an offered template should be as close to what you think is good – to make your ideal site fast and with as fewer adjustments as possible.

4 Uptime – you want this indicator to be as close to 100% as possible – to exclude hours and days when your site will be down.

5 Drag-and-drop must be as easy and fast as possible giving you a possibility to adjust elements of the pages.

6 Speed of work – if the website builder is too heavy and doesn’t work well with a slow Internet connection, you should abandon it and search for another option.

7 You don’t want your site to be avoided by search engines – that’s why it is crucial to know what SEO options a website builder proposes as well as agility of loading and rendering your website’s pages and a number of SEO control/adjustment tools in the dashboard.

8 How many plugins this or that website builder offers – a part of them is crucial to have on your pages depending on a type of a website you’re creating. For instance, for e-commerce, such crucial things will be a possibility to link to payment systems and bank cards, have a cart, checkout process, and delivery tracking.


The best options for a specific industry

blogging: Wix and Strikingly are tuned really good for this purpose unless you don’t want to deal with incomprehensiveness of WordPress from the start of your interaction with website builders

small business: Shopify and uKit are the website builders that are tuned for creating nice websites for your needs

photographers: if you don’t want to deal with complex webpages builders, then choose Godaddy or Weebly

e-commerce: Shopify and WordPress are the best to create powerful and tremendous web stores

professional tool: WordPress is a number one but if you’re desperate about dealing with it on your own, then #1 for you personally is Squarespace

mobile-friendliness (adaptability): all of the listed sites provide you a possibility to create web-friendly websites but not all of them do it in all subscription plans. Pay your attention to uKit and Wix

drag-and-drop: every single website builder that we’ve listed above has this or another drag-and-drop editor. Some of the website builders allow you to use only the builder itself to make a website while some don’t. We recommend you Godaddy if you want a site for a number of minutes with minimal involvement of human builder and uKit if you want it working fast and as appealing as it could be.


Website builder reviews and complaints of consumers

1 Jim from Ohio tells about uKit: It was a revelation for me that looking as close to a professional site as possible I was able to build for 1 day (26 pages) and for no money at all. The next day, I've decided to withdraw myself from eating another pizza to buy 2 months of subscription with great .com hosting.

2 Alison Marsden from Oklahoma tells about Wix: Awkward and slow process of work of this website builder has become a real problem to me. I was reloading my builder page over and over until I understood that my slow Internet connection was a stopping problem. Though I couldn’t work in it, I must tell this website builder does have a lot of stuff to fill pages with.

3 Abraham Maverick from Kansas City tells about WordPress: If anything that powerful for lesser money will ever be created, I’d opt for that. I professionally work with this website builder tool and though I can’t tell I’m a lamer, I’d use a WYSIWYG editor to get faster and cheaper results. But I literally can create anything with WordPress and it’s the biggest advantage.

4 Martin from Ontario, Canada, tells about site123: I was able to start my reading classes’ website for only an hour. Largely useful visual builder and no need to know what’s behind these pages, widgets, and positioning allowed me to host it for free for now until I can tell how useful this site will be for me to decide on the continuing subscription.

5 James from Winnipeg tells about Godaddy: I loved its AI-powered wizard that allowed me to create a nice-looking gallery site within three minutes. I changed here and there – and voila – I sent it to hosting and now my online presence is a real thing. Fast like clapping my fingers!


Frequently Asked Questions

1 Can I build a website on my own?

Sure, you can! That’s what site builders are for! Depending on a specific builder you use, it’ll make you spend from several minutes to days, with their functionality also largely spanning. Some site builders use AI to help you out, some heavily rely on manual work. But if you don’t have any technical background about building and stuff – just don’t select WordPress or Shopify and enjoy a decent result!


2 So what’s the price to design and launch a site?

It depends. Some site builders like Wix offer a free-of-charge hosting and development while showing their commercial all over your site instead or limiting a banner-free time to days or weeks. Some don’t offer you a free subscription at all but giving luring prices instead (like $3.50 a month). The general part of website builders offers professional plans that allow you do nearly everything for around 50 dollars a month but if even such a moderate pricing is too big for you, the ‘golden middle’ can be found somewhere around 15-20 dollars a month including an appealing hosting domain name.


3 Mobile friendliness

Almost every site today offers mobile and tablet friendliness for websites. If some website builder doesn’t – then just choose another.


4 The use of drag and drop

The functionality of drag and drop is a basic one that is present in this or that implementation in any website builder. It is designed to let people start a site with no technical knowledge, relying on the visual picture only.


5 SEO issues

Your website must be SEO optimal: include differing meta tags, page headings, the structure of text, keywords, and so on – to make it visible for search engines.

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