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When you don’t have the budget and the time to go through the lengthy process of getting a website designed and developed, your best alternative is a DIY website builder. Website builders are an ideal solution, without the fuss or the cost to get started on a web design. Whether you are looking to own an online business, a blog, display portfolio or set up an ecommerce store, get your web design instantly. But first choose the right one.

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Get all the experience at to learn more about which website builder is right for you. Our in-depth expert reviews with point by point comparison will give you the complete insights on how top website builders work and how to get your web design with the least amount of time. We do the background analysis and research so that you don’t have to do it, simply choose and get started.

What are the best mobile website builders in 2019

Owners of business of small and low-medium size are constantly on the go, they need to visit tens of places each day to take care of the growth of their business and, if not pushing it to thrive, then at least making sure its steady continuation on the daily basis, every day. 

If you are one of such people who are on feet during the day (and a part of the night) and can’t have access to a desktop all the time, when it’s necessary, and you’re also running your own mobile site – then you may need to change or update something from it during a day (like correct a spelling error, to eliminate a misprint or to update your pricing). But waiting until the night, when you’re back home and can make those changes may be inconvenient and not responding to your this-minute need. What to do in this case? There is a perfect suitable solution: a mobile website builder. 


Introduction into the world of mobile website builders

A mobile website builder is a tool, which makes it possible for you to make changes to your site not from a desktop device but right from your smartphone – which has been considered during a long time a fairy tale, which would never come true. However, the growth of the technology level hasn’t been canceled by anyone and due to it, we can thank for the occurrence of best mobile website builders, which can make us edit a site on the go. It should be noticed that you can’t edit, add or delete just anything using such a tool. It allows some basic features like adding a blog post/cloning some page to make a similar one on its basis/removing some irrelevant textual or graphical information or editing some textual content. It is here for a set of simple tasks, which do not require the sophistication of actions, a big screen to make complex changes, and mouse + keyboard tight cooperation to fine-tune.

So let’s see the list of top blog builders below.


The list of mobile website builders

  1. Wix

  2. Weebly

  3. Shopify

  4. Squarespace

  5. BigCommerce


Overview of Weebly mobile websites creator

Weebly is the only tool on our list that, has a mobile app for to edit a site, not a mobile-optimized site designed originally for desktop devices. Installing it on your mobile or tablet, it is possible to make simple edits on the go. Due to the cutout functionality of mouse-less devices, the entire interaction is organized through tapping. Once an object is tapped, the number of available options is shown. For instance, cut, delete, modify. You can also add new items using a button named ‘Build’ on the bottom of the interface.


Weebly mobile website maker’s strong sides:

  1. Large buttons of the interface to enable easy work.

  2. Editing inside of an app is something that other mobile-friendly website builders do not offer.


Weebly mobile website maker’s weak sides:

  1. Uploads of data sometimes fail and the screen freezes.

  2. There is not so much power – just a few options embedded to allow you to do at least something with your site until you get to the desktop version of the maker.


Weebly mobile website maker’s price for usage:

There is no separate price for usage of a mobile version– as it is an addition to your laptop version and your package, for which you pay on a monthly basis:

  • Free run (with a deeply limited functionality)

  • ‘Connect’ for €5 a month

  • ‘Pro’ for €10 a month

  • ‘Business’ for €20 a month

  • ‘Business Plus’ for €30 a month.

The three latter pieces allow you to have an online store. mobile website maker’s review

This is a newcomer of the market of best free mobile website builders and it is somewhat more powerful, than Weebly. The range of operations also organized through tapping. For the convenience of work, the site is broken into the sections and you can do actions with every section, for instance, typing in new values. mobile website maker’s strong sides:

  1. Can be installed on both data platforms Android & iOS phones.

  2. Due to the possibility of generation of a site automatically, you can save a lot of time. If you don’t like anything in the result after – you can always adjust it later.

  3. Facebook’s business page can be integrated with site. mobile website builder’s weak sides:

  1. The major drawback is that you can play around with your site for as long as you want but you won’t be able to publish a site unless you opt for one of the paid subscriptions to it. mobile website builder’s price for usage:

It is impossible to find out the pricing of Literally. If you want to know how much you are going to pay – you cannot do it until you enter the requisites of your bank card into the interface. Only then, after collecting your payment data, it’ll notify you that these are the sums you are offered to pay (with an opportunity to pay or decline). That’s too extravagant and too bad concerning the treatment to users. With such an attitude, we didn’t want to become’s clients.

  • A free plan without a possibility to go online, not even with a bad domain name

  • A ‘Starter’ – for 9 bucks a month with annual billing.

  • A ‘Business’ for 14 bucks a month with annual billing (e-commerce option is added).


Jimdo mobile website builder’s overview

This is not an independent tool; this is rather an add-on for their regular maker, pushed to its shadow, into the background. It offers a lot of power from the desktop version, however.


Jimdo mobile website maker’s strong sides:

  1. Good looks of all templates 

  2. Through tapping, such actions as add/edit/copy or remove an item are possible.

  3. The app works pretty much similar to the one of Weebly.

  4. It’s convenient to work with blog posts.


Jimdo mobile website builder’s weak sides:

  1. For such a mediocre site maker, it’s quite a surprise to see a powerful mobile add-on.

  2. When it comes to the necessity of moving elements of pages, it’s nearly impossible without a desktop version.


Jimdo mobile website builder’s price for usage:

This tool has one of the most uneven pricing plans – so un-round numbers we haven’t seen in any other site maker:

  • $4.23 a month for ‘Start’

  • $7.34 a month for ‘Grow’ 

  • $9.28 a month for ‘E-commerce’

  • $19 (it’s the only round number in addition to the free version) for ‘Unlimited’.


Voog mobile website builder’s overview

This tool is relatively new and its headquarters is located in the European Union, definitely in Estonia. There is no dedicated app that it is possible to install on a phone but the mobile version works on a screen so smoothly that it is nearly impossible to differentiate one from another. 


Voog mobile website maker’s strong sides:

  1. A possibility to easily create a multilingual site. Paying for ‘Plus’, you get any number of languages. Paying only for ‘Standard’, which is the starter pack, you get only 3 languages, which is still quite awesome.

  2. Choosing the preferred language of the site to be displayed to your users is possible.

  3. Good form maker.

  4. Solid blogging tool.

  5. Drag-and-drop on a screen of a phone, which any other mobile editor hasn’t implemented. So if you are building a mobile version of a site, only can perfectly use just this one to reach your goal and you won’t have to use a desktop version of a site editor to make a desktop-optimal site. That’s a nice point of convenience. 


Voog mobile website builder’s weak sides:

  1. It is very pricey. For comparable and even lower money, it is possible to use other site makers with the same power. Of course, if you do not need e-commerce, you should not opt for the costliest ‘Premium’ but the two remained are still costly, let’s say, for a personal site, portfolio showcase or blogging.

  2. There are many essential limits in the low-cost plans. Opting only for the highest will actually make you withdraw them – sacrificing a lot of monthly paid money, which is a pity to lose, especially if you are a starting site user and haven’t shaped yet your vision and demands to the site.


Voog mobile website builder’s price for usage:

  • €6 a month for ‘Standard’ (if paid annually or €8 monthly) – allowing 2 Gb storage, 30 pages and 3 languages of a site. The custom domain is given if only paid additionally. You receive a limited online store with a 3% commission fee, with a possibility to password protect your pages and receive a fully customizable design. There is also a free-of-charge SSL certificate and developer tools with access to API.

  • €10 a month for ‘Plus’ (paid annually or €14 monthly) will provide you everything that is in the ‘Standard’ plan + 10 Gb storage space, any number of sites, users, and languages for your site, a more powerful online store, and a free-of-charge custom domain name. Plus, a database to integrate with.

  • €39 a month for ‘Premium’ (paid annually or €50 monthly) does not limit you in storage, bandwidth, a number of sales, deprives of the financial transactions commission, enables the priority support, and CDN.


Wix mobile platform overview

Wix is actually of the poorest power on our list when it comes to a mobile app. It does have it but a few things it can do:

  1. Work with a blog – only to make a new blog (with limited content to be attached). You can’t work with already made posts.

  2. Add new items of merchandise to your online store (if you have it). Can’t operate with already existing ones – no deleting/modifying/replacing, etc.

Maybe things will change in the future but today, Wix site maker can only boast with mobile-friendliness of its templates, not with a real mobile app.


Wix mobile website maker’s strong sides:

  1. It has an app but its possibilities are so small that you can freely consider you don’t have one. But if to ponder that Wix company has actually made it ONLY for the named features (add blog posts and items of products/services on sales), then it has reached its goal, certainly.


Wix mobile website builder’s weak sides:


  1. The power of the app is frankly low, not professional.

  2. Mobile-friendliness is not a 100% guarantee for Wix site maker, as there are some templates, which, unfortunately, do not support this feature.


Wix mobile website builder’s price for usage:

There are 7 plans Wix offers. Four are for regular sites (costing from $4.50 to $24.50 a month) and three are for e-commerce (costing from 17 to 35 dollars a month). For more details on its pricing and the given features, you can read one of our Wix overviews or visit the company’s pricing page.



The app of free mobile website builders, which could be used on a mobile or tablet screen in the 2019 year is more like a fun add-on, not the real, value-adding, functionality. Certainly, no matter how well the creators desire to establish a powerful app, they are naturally limited to the scarce screen’s functioning and space (even if it has millions of pixels, their size is too small collectively in several-inch screen). Also, the lack of a normal keyboard and a mouse make their input.

So, if you really need to work on the go and you absolutely can’t wait – well, Weebly and Voog mobile website builders are great solutions. Voog is the only one offering a drag-and-drop functionality while Weebly is the only app really convenient to use on a mobile screen, trying to make it possible for a user to run the site on the go.

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