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  • Due to simplesite reviews, it has a whole set of advantages, here are some of them: 
    Nevertheless, SimpleSite is preferred to perform subsequent tasks:
    SimpleSite provides a modest variety of features, and there are some of them listed below:
  • Tip #1
    Use keywords on your website

SimpleSite – is a free and convenient website builder. It provides everything you need to create a professional sales tool or self-presentation. And it also provides the instructions on how to promote, optimize, and choose your domain name. The platform has not been designed for professional web developers; it suits people with any level of technical skills. In just a couple of consistent steps, you can create your website, regardless of its purpose – it can be either personal or professional. 

To create a website, you need to choose the preferable type of the site, customize its interface with their step-by-step guide, and fill it with information then. They offer a wide range of templates specifically designed for your type of website. It’s not indicated at the official SimpleSite’s website how many templates they offer, not because its quantity’s limited, but because their number is virtually unlimited. They provide you with thousands of basic templates and then allow them to be customized with the help of simple drag-and-drop editing. Using their powerful site creation tools, you can create a site that is 100% unique!

#1 SimpleSite

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$free – $30.49
Free plan available

SimpleSite guarantees its absence of complication in use. There’s a special ‘Edit this page’ button on your simple site, which implies the expected content blocks. You can easily manage to edit any of the desirable sections.  However, there are some functions, like templates, photos, and fonts, which you can’t edit, because they are held only for paid accounts. The SimpleSite developers regularly update the features list, so that your site always seems modern and attractive. 

Using the service is free during 30 days, after that you have to pay up to $ 80 per year, if everything suits you. The cost of your own domain name is $ 1. SimpleSite offers three tariff plans. The first is a Basic tariff plan, which provides basic functionality. This plan is free, though it offers the least amount of features. You’ll have limited design capabilities, and the website itself is limited up to 15 pages. Additionally, the SimpleSite ads will appear on each page of the site. 

To get rid of ads, you will have to switch to Premium tariff plan. The best solution is the Pro plan, which is a great option both for personal and business simple sites. You will also receive a free domain name, access to all available design options, and five mailboxes. You will not have any restrictions concerning the number of pages, images, or volumes of video content that you can place. The cost of this plan – is $13.95 per month. Premium plans offer payment options on a monthly or annual basis.

If you plan to launch a web store or other kind of ecommerce, an E-commerce plan will be the right choice. You will get all the functionality of the Pro plan, as well as the ability to place an unlimited number of items in the online store. The price for this tariff plan – is $28.95 per month.

Due to simplesite reviews, it has a whole set of advantages, here are some of them: 

#2 SimpleSite

Ease Of Use StarStarStarStarStar
Features StarStarStarStarStar
Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$free – $30.49
Free plan available
  • A wide range of colors, background, template design out of several hundreds of options; 
  • The possibility to accept payments via the Internet;
  • Creation of a domain name with the aim of strengthening the brand or a product;
  • A free trial opportunity. You can get everything and work for free to understand that the service suits both your business and you before you’ve paid a penny; 
  • Your Online Store. If you create a business site, SimpleSite has software for the web store.

Nevertheless, SimpleSite is preferred to perform subsequent tasks: 

  • Insufficient database of support;
  • The editor functionality is intensely restricted;
  • The whole service is obsolete;
  • Though payment issues are not typical for all SimpleSite customers, some have disclosed noticing illegitimate charges from the website;
  • You will have to go to the paid package to remove the ads.

SimpleSite provides a modest variety of features, and there are some of them listed below:

  1. E-Commerce. The most valuable element to consider is that the SimpleSite creators give the users a free subscription with an opportunity to sell up to five components in their web stores. The SimpleSite’s contestants on the Internet don’t give such a feature. E-Commerce is a premium aspect among other site builders. Moreover, this SimpleSite’s tool consists of an honorable set of guidelines, three various key charts to choose, and PayPal integration. The feature is accessible and free.
  2. Blogging. SimpleSite simplifies the process of making blogs. The blogging tool admits users to add a text, photos, and broadcasts. Your website’s guests can ‘favorite’ and comment on your publications. The tool is practical and quite simple in using for people who aim  creating a free blog. 
  3. Contact form. Due to the numerous simple site’s reviews on the Internet, this particular feature is entirely unsatisfactory, customization of any kind is impossible. The form requests the user’s name, his email address, and note. The fields can be neither added nor removed. 

You can use the SimpleSite service exceptionally in case you aren’t a supporter of any displeasing content.  It means voluntary commercial mailing, mass messaging, libelous comments, the Internet viruses’ spread, intimate materials, harassment of any kind. You also admit not to violate the law using  SimpleSite. When the content is considered aggressive, the platform’s developers will remove it immediately with no notification, despite the subscription you’ve purchased at SimpleSite. 

You agree with the statement that you won’t recapture the passwords or any personal data from third parties for deceptive or illegal purposes. You come in terms with being responsible for all content of any kind which you publish on your website. In its turn, SimpleSite doesn’t take responsibility for the content you post. 

If your content doesn’t break the rules of SimpleSite’s agreement, you can post links to your website without any restrictions.

Third parties and you can’t confess SimpleSite responsible for any financial losses due to the improper use of any content. 

SimpleSite can’t be accused of your password’s mistreatment caused by your carelessness or the hacking of your website.  

SimpleSite keeps the right to perform the content you publish to the police or the court. 

SimpleSite keeps the right to stop or interference access to their servicing and block your site without preceding announcement. SimpleSite holds the right to remove a passive SImpleSite website at the expiration of three months after the subscription’s period has come to an end. By creating an account at SimpleSite and filling the information about your email address, you admit getting some ads via mail from time to time. You can partly unsubscribe from the newsletter. However, there are some messages, such as transaction notifications, which you can’t unsubscribe from.

If a third party or an organization have provided you with a free subscription (e.g., in case you subscribe to a magazine or become a member of a club) the terms concerning payment and expiration that are listed above, may be invalid. 

Besides, there’s a great variety of templates to choose at SimpleSite. Any of them can be modified depending on your preferences, so that free rein can be given to your fantasy. SimpleSite offers essential themes. These are the main layouts with items that can be customized. However, there’s a limited choice of themes, and the website layouts are similar in their majority. 

From the other angle, Simple Sites themes are simple. All the criterions of each theme can be edited without difficulty. Users with free subscriptions can choose up to fifteen themes for their resource. However, the only dissimilarity among them is in color. 

Once you’ve created an account, you can start setting up a theme for it. Despite you can change the design, its options are restricted. There’s a small number of photos you can choose for your resource, though you can upload your images. 

If you aim at getting more opportunities at SimpleSite, you should switch to the premium account. In case you plan to publish some video content, the free account won’t suit you. Multimedia features are accessible only for paid subscribers. One of the benefits of limited theme options is their mobile-friendliness. They are optimized for mobile phones and work well on any screen sizes.

As it has been mentioned in numerous simple site reviews, the customer support at SimpleSite is minimal. Answers to some basic questions can be found in the FAQ section on the website. However, the issues listed there, are elementary (e.g. How can I change the size of the image?) As far as complicated problems are concerned, there should be a quality customer support. 

Currently, the only way to contact the customer’s support – is via email. Though it’s not reliable, as the database can get corrupted or the server crash. And when some ask a question, he hopes he gets the answer immediately. In its turn, SimpleSite states that it may take up to two days for a user to receive a response.

It would be better if the website developers and hosting services could offer their support via the live chat. Some top companies also provide users with a phone call. Even if the live chat and telephone support worked at certain hours, it would be much better compared to the current situation at SimpleSite.

After you have made your site, you are expecting to be in first search engine results.
However, your website’s appearance in search results won’t occur at once. That doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with your resource, most likely, it has just not been indexed by the search engine. Getting the leading positions in search results demands outstanding work. There’s a special approach to the sites’ optimization, called SEO, that suggests individual instructions on increasing the website’s position in search results. Upgrading your resource according to this set of measures can help you get performed on the first positions on the Internet.
The more compelling these instructions, also recognized as ranking factors, the higher your resource will emerge in search engine results. SimpleSite has provided users with some primary tips on SEO which they can apply for better promotion of their sites. The recommendations given don’t promise the leading position in search engine. Yet,  putting them into use will improve your chances to be seen by the search engine that will help your rankings rise.

Tip #1

Use keywords on your website

When you search something on the Internet in 2020, you type the most common words or phrases to help a search engine understand what your site is about. They are well-known as keywords. You should consider them while you’re optimizing your website. But try not to overreach. Unnecessary duplication of keywords in heading and text is labeled as keywords density. The search engine notices it as a spammy site. At best, the sanctions will be charged for your website that will cause the ranking positions to decrease. At worst – your site will be permanently removed from search engines.

Tip #2

Think twice of what the domain to choose

The best option for a domain name is concise and clear. The search engines are inclined to better rank brief, rare, and consistent domains. By the way, the domain’s name age is a ranking determinant as well. In this manner, the SimpleSite suggests users modify the existing domain name (if they have one) instead of creating a new domain.

Tip #3

Acquire some links to your resource and perform yourself in social networks

Search engines take into account the backlinks to your resource that others post.  However, the main thing is not their quantity, but quality. The backlinks to your site, which a search engine will detect, will contribute to the quick increasing of your site’s positions. Find some individuals on the Internet, who meet the same issues and promote identical goods or services, and ask whether they are curious about placing a link back to your website on their resource.

SimpleSite – is an appropriate blog hosting service. It provides a free plan that already guides making the online store and supports integration with PayPal for payments processing. Actually, if the user has complex requirements, can pick any of two paid plans. As far as SimpleSite’s integration is concerned, there isn’t any third-parties unification, except for GoogleMaps and PayPal. You can also add a variety of tools for integrated social network profiles on your website with a few clicks. 

All payment terms relate directly to the SimpleSite PRO subscription and the commercial subscription. Descriptions of both subscriptions, their fees and duration are indicated at the time of purchase. Your SimpleSite PRO subscription or the commercial subscription will automatically extend by withdrawing money from you so that your website will work permanently in online mode and will not expire. This means that a certain amount will be withdrawn from your account ten days before the expiration of your subscriptions. 

You can cancel the automatic renewal at any time in the “Your Subscription” section by logging in to the SimpleSite website. The latest date when you can cancel automatic renewal and avoid withdrawing funds is ten days before the expiration of your PRO or commercial subscription expires. 

The domain for the SimpleSite is implemented accordingly for users with a PRO subscription. If the platform can’t provide you with an automatically renewable subscription, you’ll get a reciprocal message ten days until any of your subscriptions will be expired. In this case, you’ll be requested to visit the SimpleSite and pay for the alongside subscription. 

You can also check your preceding installments of fee and imprint the invoices by logging in to your account and clicking the ‘Your subscription’ button.

A large company Knoji provides coupons and promo codes for such labels as SimpleSite. Each SimpleSite’s deduction code or coupon code you find on Knoji has been checked manually. The SimpleSite’s promo codes are tracked stock-wide, so you’re free to always get a deduction. Once used promo codes are suitable for one purchase; and in connection with such promo codes’ quick expiration, you have to try a few of them before you get the one that works. To apply a single-used promo code, you should duplicate the coupon code from this resource and paste it in the ‘Promo Code’ line afterward. In case you’re looking searching free of charge shipping at SimpleSite, Knoji regularly tracks for free transportation promo codes and free transportation proposals for SimpleSite, you can see them at Promo Code Finder tool.

Did you know how to put your SimpleSite promo code and coupon in use? 

  1. Discover your discount code on the website and push the button to see the code. It’ll be pasted to your desktop or phone screen accordingly.
  2. Go to SimpleSite official website and add the goods you’re going to purchase to the shopping cart. Once you’re done with shopping, visit the checkout page.
  3. Meanwhile, find the text line signed ‘Discount code’ or ‘Promo code’ and insert your code in this line. Your accumulations for the website will be adjusted. 

The central aspect I recognize worth about SimpleSite is clarity. The website builder suggests straightforward ‘point-and-click’ options that don’t demand website development skills at all. It won’t take a lot of time to figure out how the SimpleSite works. There’s a variety of guidelines and tutorials on the website in case you have difficulties with creating a website. You can make a completely functional resource with minimal time. SimpleSite is a perfect match for customers who aren’t aimed at wasting time on hiring a web developer. The simplistic interface will economize your efforts, though the effect will entirely meet your anticipation. 

SimpleSite’s reviews:

  1. “This is the most outstanding site builder in the world! They only need to upgrade regularly, but in general, it’s the finest. I recommend everyone to try it out. I believe, the SimpleSite developers will once improve the system and become the leaders in their niche!”(c) Gilberto T. Jessup
  2. “The label speaks for itself! It was clear for me how to make my own website, taking in account that I’m a newcomer and I don’t know anything about building a website. I would like to advise this platform to anyone who fits in this group:)”(c) Elizabeth E. Fox
  3. “I’m really pleased with working over my website at SimpleSite. I’m not any kind of information technology specialist, though I have fulfilled my website with all necessary content.Personally I approved the service!”(c) Gene L. Ericson
  4. “What a fantastic resource! I set up my own website las year and I have already had 53 000 views on my broadcast! I’m proud of the resource I’ve created and it’s an honor for me to know my content inspire others!”(c) Donald J. Blankenship
  5. “I’m so happy that my website represented my firm to my potential customers! I can’t tell you how fortunate I am for getting to know Bob Hansen and his staff and their assistance in creation of a PERFECT website!!”(c) Pamela D. Kennedy