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Overview of Jimdo

Jimdo is simple and helpful. With the addition of new features, Jimdos interface is not becoming more complicated, which is one of the great advantages of Jimdo website maker. Over 20 million websites globally are powered today thanks to it, along with over 1 million web stores. Jimdo’s simplicity of use, nice appealing look, power of adjusting Jimdo’s templates to your needs, and ability to simply add third-party HTML pieces of code make it a very attractive and powerful solution.

#1 Jimdo

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$free – $39.00
Free plan available

A general overview of Jimdo

Is it easy to use?

Yes. You have a number of navigation menus that will help you to deal with top-level and bottom-level actions on your website. The top level is managed by a menu on the right and when you get to level two, it is located in the bottom and is divided into types of actions you can do.

How much does Jimdo cost?

You can use Jimdo website maker for no cost if you will feel okay about embedded limitations. Apart from the free option, it will cost from 9 to 39 Euros a month.

Pricing of Jimdo

There are five plans that make Jimdo pricing:

  • A free one, which will give ad banners on your website, branded domain, and just some basic features. 0.5 Gb storage, 2 Gb bandwidth a month and 5 pages for 1 site only + HTTPS.
  • For 9 Euros a month, you get an advertising-free run, a free unbranded domain, much bigger storage space, bandwidth, and the number of pages along with some SEO and site statistics.
  • Upgrading to 15 Euros a month, you get the mentioned + better storage space, bandwidth, and number of pages + more e-mails to attach.
  • 19 Euros a month give you a possibility to own a web store with unlimited products.
  • And opting for the costliest plan for 39 Euros, you get unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and the number of pages, fast support, 20 attached e-mails.

All billing is annual – be aware of that.

Builder Jimdo pros & cons

#2 Jimdo

Ease Of Use StarStarStarStarStar
Features StarStarStarStarStar
Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$free – $39.00
Free plan available


  • It is very easy to use and the interface is light. Everything you do changes on the go, no matter if you use a PC-screen Jimdo website builder’s functionality or a mobile app, which also of power.
  • You are given a lot of creative freedom with ample changes of fonts, colors, width, and heights. Every element is changed in a few clicks thanks to a comprehensive interface.
  • Jimdo site maker is one of the most powerful tools on the market to manage your site’s SEO. Tags, titles, and URLs are managed easily and it has a paid ‘Ranking Coach’ app to deeper help you out with SEO.
  • Mobile friendliness is great, which will give you extra, even in the free plan. You can easily switch between PC and mobile views of your site in an admin menu.


  • Support could have been greater – they only give an answer in 1-2 business days for all the subscription plans but the costliest one, where you can get prompt answers.
  • You are somewhat limited in the flexibility of templates but that’s not a crucial point as you can test every single existing template even in the free version of subscription.
  • The web store is pretty powerful in everything but payments: you only can pay through PayPal. It is impossible to connect a bank card gateway.
  • No restore option and no backup – so if you or anyone messes with site’s content, everything can be lost. We recommend you to save all page codes into a separate folder with all your texts, pictures, videos, and other personal content to avoid being deleted one sweet day.

What is jimdo and what features does Jimdo have?

  • Flexible templates
  • Support of many languages of the menu and any language of the site received in Jimdo site maker. You can also have sites with multiple languages but that’s not a feature, it’s more a workaround
  • Three levels of navigation
  • A possibility to buy or connect an unbranded domain
  • Many widgets to integrate through HTML
  • Monetization and e-commerce
  • Blog as an inbuilt solution and a forum as a third-party solution
  • Google Analytics can be embedded to ensure powerful visitor analytics
  • Form maker (including a contact form)
  • Mobile version of a site with automated fitting to all types and resolutions of a screen
  • Work with random HTML code, including adding one provided by third parties
  • Support in two channels (e-mail and FAQ).

Speed and security in Jimdo site, which measures speed and performance indices for sites, tells that Jimdo website’s speed is quite affordable:

  • it takes 7.0 seconds for the pages of the site to fully load
  • one page takes approximately 1 Mb of data to be loaded (based on that, your Free subscription plan with bandwidth limited to 2048 Mb will be depleted only after viewing around 2,000 pages)
  • page speed score is in the green zone with 87% efficacy – higher than the average
  • the score named ‘YSlow’ gives it a ‘D’ mark representing only 62%.

Most of Jimdo’s parameters are in the green zone so you can safely use this maker if only you are not opting for a free or ‘Start’ subscriptions, which will deplete your bandwidth pretty soon. For sites with a large number of visitors, it is optimal to sign up for the maximal subscription at once.

As for the security, it seems that Jimdo site maker offers only two things from this area :HTTPS and password protection of some areas of your site. How much password protection will be available for you depends on the subscription plan.

Design opportunities and templates of Jimdo

Designing is easy in Jimdo site maker. In fact, it is one of the most intuitive and fast site makers available on the market. You can do the edits in one of three options: though a site of Jimdo on your PC/laptop, through an app for iPhone and iPad, and through a separately-positioned visual maker Dolphin (a part of Jimdo site maker’s business umbrella), which is even simpler. Jimdo site maker can do everything. It is done for not advanced users in making sites or coding but it does not mean that you won’t be able to get into the code in the case of need.

If you want to change templates, use the drag-and-drop feature and helpful icons located in the right and bottom parts of the navigable constructor. To experience a big degree of freedom, you can change fonts, colors, backgrounds, and sets of styles (in CSS files). Enjoy full responsiveness of almost every template. They all have become even more modern after the recent update.

It is impossible to disallow visitors of your site to download Jimdo’s site content (including HTML and pictures) with standard means of Jimdo site maker (which is possible in Wix, for instance).You can, if you use HTML pieces of code found elsewhere or written on your own, which will forbid a ‘right-click’ option (which is not that hard) or hide code of your pages to the background – but only if you’re really advanced in the latter.

Customer Support in Jimdo

Out of four possible channels of the provision of help to their users, Jimdo site maker has two – e-mail and FAQ. Although not having a phone or live chat support, they are aiming at quick and effective resolving of all your questions and issues, which can rate Jimdo site maker amongst the top places in customer support criterion. Also, we recommend you to use social media, as Jimdo has done this channel an additional one to help their customers. In FAQ, you’ll see a largely helpful mixture of text, images, and videos – to make every aspect of using their website clear.

An odd thing is that they offer live chat support for clients’ sites (but not for their own).

Marketing and SEO possibilities of Jimdo

E-mail marketing campaigns can be run free thanks to many third-party apps, which you can integrate into your website any time (these may be Aweber or MailChimp). Integration is done mainly by inserting a code of the e-mail provider or other third party (in the ‘Widget/HTML’ element in the bottom part of the construction menu).

Simple blogging is a part of the inbound marketing campaign and you can expect this to be easy with Jimdo.

SEO is one of the most powerful options of Jimdo website maker. You can define and edit meta tags, headers, manage your keywords, and see a preview of how it’ll all look in Google’s interface, right in the page of editing. Jimdo’s blog is also speed- and SEO-optimized and you unlikely find a better alternative on the market that would be that easy, technically optimal, and powerful. If you want to understand SEO deeper, you are offered with a separate tool ‘Ranking Coach’.

Integration features of Jimdo

Integration is also the strength of Jimdo website maker. Starting from own apps for a number of purposes (including e-commerce), ability to connect with social media and Google Analytics ending with third-party applications to power you up in newsletters, e-mails, YouTube or Vimeo services. They will all look beautiful as a part of your webpage and nobody will be able to tell if this or that element is in the site itself or natively embedded into it. A nice addition to the ease of integration is that widgets/snippets for this purpose are provided by many third-party apps.

But aside from that, if you want to integrate your website to some powerful database, accounting or CRM system, you won’t find opportunities to do that. Certainly, if it is strongly needed, then there will be a possibility for programmers with strong knowledge to eventually implement this task through technical gateways and bridges. But if you are looking for specific power in this area and it is one of the major points of your requirements, then we recommend you to opt for WordPress from the beginning (if you will hire programmers anyway).

Payment inside of Jimdo platform

Payments are largely limited. The only way of making financial transactions for the merchandise you sell on your website is PayPal. Nothing else is possible unless you insert custom code to another website and connect it directly with your goods or services. But it makes the solution rather hard. So if you’re looking specifically for a web store and that’s your major (or only) goal – then pay your attention to Shopify, which is specifically (and powerfully) tuned for e-stores.

Also, another way to receive money is to tell interested buyers your payment requisites in other channels (electronic money, bank cards, SWIFT payment, bitcoins, and so on) – but this is a completely manual process, which has nothing in common with the automation of sales efforts, which you may strive to.

Coupons and promo codes that one can find in Jimdo

There are two types of coupons for Jimdo:

  1. Ones that allow you to save your budget when using Jimdo itself – if you claim them from one of the coupon stores or through social media accounts, which advertise them (like -X% off the initial price for a month or for a year). Some of them give you not ‘%’ discounts but free dollars to use. For instance, you can get 20 free bucks for renewal of your domain name in Jimdo website maker. Some of them allow you to receive a non-monetary reward: like a free upgrade of your current Jimdo website maker’s account to a better one. One of the websites with such promos is
  2. Ones that you can embed into your e-commerce site, which you make together with Jimdo website maker. Using them, customers of your web store can use coupons for discounts or other services like better terms of delivery or discount for the next purchase under some conditions.

Conclusion: is it worth using?

Jimdo website maker is definitely one of the most advanced website creating software in 2020. It is hard to find such an integrated and thorough tool, which allows that vivid power together with this big simplicity of use. Despite the fact that it has a lot to offer, Jimdo’s visual interface is not complex and suitable for users of any technical background. If you want (and know how) to do some coding, it is simple to alter your HTML/CSS or add customs pieces of code to integrate with third-party apps. It is hellishly progressive in the beauty of pages. Jimdo’s technical performance is great, especially in terms of speed of loading of pages and SEO.

We recommend you to opt for Jimdo’s highest-cost plan, as it not only gives you an e-store but also withdraws any limitations in storage place, bandwidth, and a number of pages you may create on your website.

Despite the fact that there is no inbuilt app store, you can easily connect third-party apps and widgets through pasting their code into Jimdo’s ‘Widget/HTML’ field – just find those, which are ready to integrate this way.

Jimdo’s biggest drawback in e-store is that you can’t have many payment options, as it would be possible in Shopify (with dozens of them) and you only have PayPal.

The normalized score of Jimdo website maker, as for our opinion, should be 4.5 out of 5 stars, regarding its few minor and mid-range drawbacks.

Jimdo reviews of its customers:

  1. Alice from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, about Jimdo: I live in the country where PayPal is normally working, so for me, having only PayPal as a means of payment in my freshly built web store is a good enough option. Sure, I would like to have more channels like bitcoins payment, bank card, and a few others but I realize this is a matter of the next iteration of upgrading my website. Jimdo website maker is perfectly good for my needs today.
  2. Hans from Bremen, Germany, about Jimdo: Blogging and Forum options that I was able to create work wonderfully. Although Forum was a separate built-in code, Blog is a native feature. Now as I look at them, I see no visual difference in the beauty of their location on pages. Everything seems so smooth and appealing that I can only regret that I wasn’t able to find Jimdo website maker several years ago when I started my first website.
  3. Klaus from Brno, the Czech Republic, about Jimdo: The trade-and-info site that I built for the network of my jewelry stores located in the city is magnificent. Without any knowledge of how to do sites and run them, I was able to figure out everything in two days (in my 67 years) and I am more than satisfied with the result.
  4. Rodrigo from Malaga, Spain, leaves a Jimdo review: That’s the fourth time I use Jimdo website builder to make a website. The first time was for my entrepreneurial need when I only started a business as a photographer, so I didn’t yet know that I would grow into a studio. Then I redid everything and added more pages in 2016. Since this time, I opened a store and typography – a third time of using Jimdo website builder. Now I am also an owner of one of the retail stores of the city and that’s another task for Jimdo in 2020, with which it coped great.
  5. Darius from Timisoara, Romania, about Jimdo: Jimdo was my savior when I needed to launch a website overnight, facing an important meeting. I wanted to look more solid having a demonstrable online presence. Thanks, Jimdo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a blog with Jimdo?

To create a blog, in the Jimdo’s menu on the right, click on the loudspeaker’s icon marked as ‘blog’ and the page with posts opens. There, you see already existing posts (if any) and a button below on the left to write a new blog post. While you are writing, you can hide it from the public by selecting ‘Draft’ under its title when you get into it, as well as you can turn on/off comments, and see the date and time. In the managing panel, you can add text, more elements, change, and save.

How to change the Jimdo website name?

You can add a domain inside of Jimdo website builder or connect the one created elsewhere. This happens in the domain management area of your Jimdo website builder’s account. Choose a site – ‘Edit’ – menu – ‘Domains & E-mails’ – ‘Domains’ – ‘Add a new domain’ – and enter the one, which you want to transfer to Jimdo website builder.

If you want to change the name of individual subdomain that is given to you by Jimdo website builder and that is looking like ‘’, you can’t do that unless you register another brand new account.

How to add a forum to Jimdo?

On the main page of your website accessed by Jimdo website builder’s working panel, hover a mouse over the main navigation to see an appearing panel ‘Edit Navigation’. By clicking on it, add a new page and call it ‘Forum’. Save and it will instantly appear in the navigation. Click on it and go to a new page. Edit it by adding a new element – press ‘More elements…’ and choose ‘Widget/HTML’. Go to any external forum maker (for instance, and create a forum there. Then get the code of your forum and paste it into the custom HTML field of Jimdo website builder. Save and preview – there will appear a forum.

What type of website is Jimdo?

Jimdo is a website creator. Using it, it is possible to make your own website and then host it.

How to make mobile navigation on Jimdo?

Making a mobile version of your website in Jimdo website editor will not require any action from a user, as it is created automatically, for all Jimdo’s templates. To see how your website will look like in Jimdo website platform, just log into your account, point and click to the top icon with a monitor to switch between representations of views. You can’t turn off the mobile look of your website but you really aren’t interested in it.