Wedding Websites Builders

Making the review of some best wedding website builders as online tools

Your wedding day is approaching – and this is incredible news! We completely share your excitement about the upcoming day and want to help you out now in figuring out the best way of sharing your emotions and information about the planned wedding with your peers, guests, relatives, and other people around. 

To make everything right, it is crucial to choose a tool, which not only builds up the website but also can do it in the right manner, giving you the functionality that you expect from a wedding website creator, which must include following things:

  1. Integration with RSVP tools – which are going to send everyone e-mails or notifications on other channels about the important day’s most essential features: the day and month, time and place, the dress code features, info about gifts given to guests, and the dishes that are going to be on the wedding menu (so the guests could not only familiarize selves with these but also ask questions and correct menu, if necessary).
  2. Wedding planner that, as a rule, connected with calendar of bride, groom, and their wedding planning agent, as well as may be connected with calendars of guests to operatively input changes into everyone’s schedule and to inform about them.
  3. A possibility to restrict access to the contents of the site to only guests of the event – so nobody else had a possibility to look at the information not destined for them (login + password).
  4. Connected with other tools, to which guests and other people have access.

The website that is created in a marriage website builder is planned as an upgraded, modern and good-looking single point of entry of guests of the wedding – to make everyone informed easily and out-of-box, instead of sending SMS notifications to everyone if anything changes.

Also, a marriage website builder is a place, which may reflect the stages of preparation to the wedding and inform all participants about such built-around details as a hotel, where guests may stay (if they visit from other cities), do they need to make reservations on their own or everything is planned and booked for them; where they can go entertain selves if the wedding is going to be more lasting than 1 day; what other things are planned – for instance, if people need to take part in the rehearsal of the ceremony or not. 

Having such a tool, it becomes much easier to communicate with many guests, notify about changes, and, generally, it is the additional help.

The list of the best wedding website builders – for your consideration

Wix platform

Wix is not specifically a ‘marriage website builder’ but it offers many exciting templates to have and to work with, in this direction.


  • A powerful tool to adjust the template to your needs after having selected the one to your liking.
  • Small pricing and even the free fun can be established – if you are okay with branded commercial roaming on your website.
  • A possibility to have own custom domain – but only for $8.50 a month at least (paid for a year in one payment).
  • Password-protect the pages of your website from other people’s gazes.
  • No coding required if you aren’t planning some hardcore super-powerful integrations with large tools from its app store (which a wedding planning website usually does not require).


  • You’ll see commercials of this marriage website builder on your pages in two low-cost plans (out of 8 existing at a time). It’ll cost ya 8.50 dollars a month to deprive yourself of all commercials.
  • Being a powerful tool for general websites, it is not specifically tuned at wedding websites – but you can select from wedding templates, add apps to your website (like RSVP from its app store), and connect other features, like calendars’ synchronization. You can find much better and much more awesome technical solutions in the specialized marriage website builders like The Knot.
  • If you want links to be added to your pages – do them manually.


Squarespace is not a specialized tool. Why choose it, you ask? For astounding templates filled with power; for many widgets that you can integrate with. But not for affordable pricing, as even the low-cost tariff plan costs 12 dollars a month (paid annually) – which is significantly above Wix’s. Over a million people have installed wedding themes on their websites.


  • Receive looking like a professional wedding website with this builder, without a need to hire a coder.
  • Many customizable themes are waiting for ya, where pics and videos look great.
  • Password protection is available – for a website in the completeness or only for some pages.
  • Connect the RSVP feature by building a form you need, collect, upload, and store in your own way, use own or stock images. Event details customization, registries, and gifts are possible to add. Planning a wedding in a convenient tool is also possible.


  • It is impossible to run it for free.
  • Previews of changes on pages aren’t done – everything you do is saved and becomes available at an instance. Very inconvenient. 
  • Not too many apps to plan your wedding inside of a website only – so resort to other online/offline specialized planning tools if you need.


That’s a good marriage website builder from the list of non-specialized ones. It does not offer a lot of wedding themes but it’s easy to work with.


  • Some integrate-able apps are ready to boost up your website.
  • It is easy to start a website within hours. In rare occasions – days.
  • In the paid subscriptions, receive a possibility to upload and store HD video + great audio, password protect the website and do the registration of members to the event (to make the count of guests arriving for sure if you’re planning a huge wedding).


  • We wouldn’t say that Weebly marriage website maker is an affordable tool – considering its pricing, which is 5 Euros a month if you desire just to have a weak website or at least 10 Euros a month if you’re considering some real power. Running it for free, you aren’t getting nice storage, name, or capabilities, and see the intrusive banners. 
  • The design’s beauty and functionality are inferior to Squarespace and Wix. 
  • Such neat and great-looking best wedding websites like are out of reach of the functional capabilities of Weebly marriage website maker.

The Knot

Currently, this US-based company is one of the leaders on the market for arranging weddings – thanks to its admirable set of apps to plan the wedding and do the orders of essentials for this event (like cake, dresses, hall decorations, hotels with discounted pricing, driver with a limo, and other things). A lot of the named power is integrated into their marriage website maker app – to make your selection of a tool not that heavy as you could think.


  • The great set of tools to plan a wedding and connect guests.
  • Vivid ease and friendliness to users, even beginners. 
  • Preview of the website with the ‘undo’ button lets you play around.
  • Create albums of the videos and audios, as well as it is possible to send pics to print them out, to some printing house (consider the geo-locations, though). 
  • Best free wedding websites are received simply.


  • Not too great customizability of themes beyond what they offer initially.
  • No drag-and-drop.
  • Lookalike wedding themes.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple marriage website maker is another version of The Knot – the same specialized, powerful, and tuned only at weddings. You can arrange everything in one place – with comfort and pretty easily. The major drawback of this marriage website maker is that there is no trial period – and you should estimate it really well before paying the price to work.


  • The shell for wedding planning – great for keeping everything under one umbrella.
  • You can plan your event not only from a desktop version but also from a downloadable app – right from your tablet or a phone, on the go.


  • No free trial.
  • Creativity is the same limited in any template just like it is in The Knot – you cannot get too far with the personification of your wedding page. 
  • Unusual interface compared to The Knot or Wix – which takes more time from a user to master it.

‘Joy’ marriage website maker

‘Joy’ is really joyful to work with. Using this simple yet amazing tool, you can set up a number of things to add more personalization:

  • background
  • colors
  • countdown feature (days, hours, and minutes left to the event)
  • fonts
  • pictures
  • RSVP
  • the schedule of wedding days split into hours
  • theme style
  • other essentials.

You cannot get too far, unfortunately, but changing the just mentioned, it is possible to make up a theme to your liking or close to it – to differ from the original theme (only one). This tool offers some apps, widgets, and add-ons to put on your website so to be able to arrange perfectly looking page(s). 


  • The effectiveness of the organization of information on the website is the main goal, at which this marriage website builder is aimed.
  • You can hold people together and informed through a dedicated app for a phone/tablet so they can scoop the information from there, as well as you can do some planning inside of it.
  • The wide selection of integrated tools.
  • A free-run is possible (limited, certainly)
  • The simplicity of the working interface.


  • Just one initial template to personalize. Obviously, its creators don’t think that people might need to self-express or to think out of the box.
  • It’s impossible to connect a domain name (already existing one) to this marriage website builder.

Best wedding websites examples 

Speaking about best wedding websites 2019, it would be unforgivable not to mention those websites, excellent in their visual representation, the flamboyance of organization of information and not look-alikeness to the most part of other marriage websites:

  1. – a site with own icon (shaped as two red hearts beating together), based on a cartoon style, which is necessary to scroll from down to up – a very original solution, which is rarely met on the vastness of the Internet.
  2. – organized in pastel colors with the predominance of three: pink, brown, and white as the background. This is a one-page, which is organized as 7 sections (Home, Wedding details, Bride & Groom’s information, Directions to the place of the event, Accommodations – to let people know about the best places to live around, Gift List – what guests are gifted with, Contact – all necessary contacts to stay in touch).
  3. – a perfectly clear picture of two young loving hearts, who do not want to put too much information on their marriage website – they are young and celebrate it with minimalism. The website is filled with external links so as not to bore visitors with tonnes of unnecessary embedded info.
  4. is like a poster to some movie, a Hollywood romantic comedy than becomes a blockbuster. These people really look perfect together and loving, too. The wedding website for couples is clear as distilled water and split into the useful sections, as well as one of the aforementioned. Info is submitted with a touch of elegant humor and collages, which allow estimating that this couple is hilarious and full of elevated optimism – at least when they were planning this event. All directions and must-knows are submitted clearly. An adorable footer in the bottom with a kissing couple of these two is amusing and filled with bright hopes.
  5. takes quite a long to render on the screen but it worth mentioning due to its reasonable conciseness and strict revelation of information. It feels that these both are serious people, who are aimed at long-term success in their lives (not only it applies to their wedding but also to professions they have). The created wedding website is elaborated by some third person – not someone of the newlywed.
  6. – a cartoon-style website, where the main emphasis is done on pure basics: time, location & the schedule of the weekend, which is filled with evening activities like welcome dinner and bonfire on the first day and a short ceremony with elegant dresses under a thousand-years-old oak and the party dinner on the second day. A perfect and not boring schedule, as well as super easy submission of this information to everyone. The travel-and-stay info is also given – with essential simplicity of this top wedding web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a wedding website?

Choose one of marriage website builders on our list and then, after registering a new account or using an already existing one – pick a theme (if there are several) and do your personalization. Pick one from the right payment plans and publish your website to make it appear on the Internet. 

What to put on a wedding site?

As we have seen, people used to put different information on their marriage websites: info about the bride and groom, their short life stories and how they met; where the ceremony is going to be and its planning; where guests may stay and how to get there; requirements to the appearance and dinner(s) details. The main reason for the website is to make guests informed. The rest of things are optional.

Which wedding site builder is the best for showing pics?

Squarespace, Appy Couple, and The Knot are powerful for hosting pictures. Wix has known space limitations, while Weebly is not good specifically to run a list of pics, as it is hard to work with visual content in this marriage website builder.

Why should I go for premium plans if there are free-of-charge ones?

Free running does not provide you even nearly with the power and beauty of your webpages as paid plans do. If you are not assured, which plan of subscription to select from – always go for a paid choice. In a free run, you are limited to storage, bandwidth, the number of cool apps to integrate with, features of the template itself (like, as an example, how many fonts and colors you may use), and huge commercials of the marriage website builder are going to be shown on your pages.

Which option may be considered the best for a complete novice?

The tremendous functionality of Wix wedding website maker may be the right choice for a website as it is. If you want fabulous wedding planning capabilities – be sure to use The Knot or Appy Couple wedding website builders but they do restrict you in the power of customization of your website.