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Overview of Site123

Site123 is one of the web builders working in 2020, which is developed by the Israel-based team of programmers.

#1 Site123

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$free – $12.80
Free plan available

A general overview of Site123

Is it easy to use Site123?

This tool is for people who want a site fast and without any knowledge at all; for ones who want to choose tens of parameters and go live. This is not for professionals or ones who want ample personification or self-expression. Start a website simple but forget about a complex one once and for all.

How much Site123 costs?

It offers 5 plans, with one free, with banners all over the webpages. But you can’t know about the pricing of Site123 unless you go the tiresome way of getting to know it. Maybe, it is for the reason to make a number of users of Site123 as small as possible. As for the paid subscription, Site123 is one of the most expensive website makers currently on the market if to consider cut-down functionality of Site123, which is in tens and even hundreds of times worse than of any market leader: Wix, uKit, Shopify…

Pricing of Site123

Opening a website’ page with pricing, you are told they only have 2 options: free and premium for $10.80 a month. However, this is not true – they deceive their future users by hiding three more options of pricing: for $16.80, $22.80, and $28.80 a month. It is impossible to see those prices before you register for a free or a premium plan and decide to upgrade. Thus, with fat deception, this company collects registration data of users, giving you only intrigue of no added value in return.

You won’t be able to delete their commercial on the pages of your website unless you are paying $16.80 a month and more – this is the costliest price on the market in 2020 to eliminate commercials – which makes this website builder the worst option in this parameter yet so far.

For this money as well, you can add +1 language to your website. In each consecutive subscription plan, you will add +2 languages, making them 5 in total with $28.80 a month. $16.80 will make it possible only to add PayPal. $22.80 and $28.80 a month allow you to connect dollar MC and Visa cards to your website.

Advantages and disadvantages of Site123

#2 Site123

Ease Of Use StarStarStarStarStar
Features StarStarStarStarStar
Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$free – $12.80
Free plan available


  • Multilingual websites.
  • There is a free plan.
  • Everything is predefined so if you don’t want a complex, or unique, or SEO optimal, or nice-adjusted, or personalized website – you’re lucky, as Site123 is the place, which is going to take it all from you.


  • PayPal as a means of payment is pretty useless if you live in one of 28 currently unsupported countries or over 50 if to count the ones, which only work with it in one way (for instance, can send but can’t receive, can refill but can’t withdraw, can receive and send but can’t withdraw, etc.). Despite the fact that PayPal’s official site claims that they embrace over 200 territories and countries all over the world, the total current count of countries of the world is 195. Deduct 50 = only 145 countries can fully work with PayPal embedded into websites of Site123.
  • It is impossible to move, alter, and delete anything in templates. You can change a picture but not move/delete or change its width/height. You can change a text in the field but not change its font/size/color/spacing or the text box’s position/size. Pretty much everything is adjusted through yes/no selections, which make you starve for real freedom.
  • You can’t alter/add/delete HTML/CSS/JS. Period.
  • You can’t back up, restore, save or download your website.
  • Pricing is not understood.
  • A company is oddly non-public and has very restrictive Terms of Use, so it is definitely a strong point to ponder whether you want to deal with someone that closed and limiting.

What features does Site123 have?

This tool is for ones who want to make a website fast, without any knowledge, not having literally any sophistication, restricted to a few options for really big money. In pricing, Site123 is the most expensive tool if to consider its quality. If you want a personal or business website – better go to uKit for its 4-8 dollars a month. If you want a store – go to Shopify for its 70-something dollars, which will give you benefits, not just take your money as Site123 does.

Speed and security in Site123

As for the security in Site123, you can add password protection to a website in general or its separate pages. But no file content is protected in Site123 from users having a direct link.

Also, it is unsafe to use by users: Site123 does not give its users to download the content of their websites, has no backup and restore, and has a very cautious Terms of Use, which point out that everything you place online on Site123 belongs to Site123 and nobody else. Which means that they are free to block your account and delete your website in any second without naming the reasons not even responding to your claims. Are you still interested in such vague cooperation?

According to, almost all parameters of the speed of Site123 are in the green zone, with average full load time equal to 3.9 seconds – very good. However, page speed score is average (72%) and thus, is located in the yellow zone (not in the green one). So using Site123 is good for pages load speed.

Design opportunities and templates of Site123

The basic feature that is positioned as the biggest Proficiency of this website builder is that it limits everything to an extent so people won’t need to get into the code. That is true – you are not able to get into HTML/CSS of a website you’re doing with Site123, ever. Even if you really eager that. Just forget – there is no personification. Site123 thinks that it knows the best what you want, giving everyone, well, pretty standard and same-looking websites, which are not even closely good for SEO promotion. So if you ever want one – forget it, it will never reach tops of Google, as Site123 stamps likely-looking websites, which Google dislikes.

Customer Support in Site123

FAQ, chat, and e-mail – these are the only available support options. You can’t use a telephone (obviously, Site123 company hasn’t outsourced technically and financially the phone support to India or Bangladesh, as many its peers did). If you need to ask anything from a live chat, according to site123 reviews, they have a helpful prompt response. In their FAQ section, they have a lot of video instructions explaining their interface and actions, so you won’t be left alone.

Marketing and SEO possibilities of Site123

The only marketing capability that you have with “123 Website” is when switching to ‘Basic’ plan of subscription and higher. There, you are given with a hundred mailing list messages. Well, it’s quite good for the improvement of your presence online if you’re a beginning entrepreneur or a micro-company. In other cases, this number of letters won’t be enough for you. 123 website builder restricts connection to apps of third parties, so no good marketing is available.

As for the SEO, you have such on the menu. It is easy to use but gives just basics that even beyond the minimal – filling of meta tags for the main page (but not for the rest), and sitemap’s download into your search console. Will this work for real? We highly doubt that.

Integration features of Site123

You can integrate some existing apps (but the integration way is closed for apps of any third party), embed links to 25 varying social media accounts (only as icons and that’s it). At first glance, it seems like there are many apps in its app store. But when it comes to practice, some part of them works, some – not really much, and they largely double themselves, not giving you real flexibility or diversity.

Payments inside of Site123 platform

Note that Site123 only processes payments in US dollars, so when you connect your PayPal or a credit card, no currency other than USD will be applicable despite the fact that the mentioned systems support an extensive list of currencies. Your clients and you live outside the US? Your customers will have to face cross-rate conversion. And you will face double cross-rate conversion during withdrawal of money.

Coupons and promo codes that one can find in Site123

Along with selling digital products, you can add the functionality of coupons. But you won’t have an automated payment tracking or invoicing, which forces you to follow every chunk of payment manually, practically making impossible large automated sales (so you are unable to grow even if you really want to). Besides, as everything is manual, you have to hire someone to make processes happen and can’t really build a sustainable business that will support you, not you will support it.

Conclusion: is it worth using Site123?

Considering everything mentioned above, we find Site123 as an extremely week option on the market. Rating it in stars, we’d give it 2 out of 5. You can’t alter HTML, CSS, run automated e-store, accept payments in most popular ways and all in all, its e-store even isn’t close to the power of Shopify. You can’t integrate with apps of 3rd parties, you can’t integrate with payment systems or CRM or any other financial-informational system. Even social media integration is just in the form of embedding icons (links). You can’t personalize your page really, you aren’t having drag-and-drop, you can’t do normal SEO. The only thing you get is fast pages and unclear site123 pricing.

Site123 reviews

  1. Kabir from Malaysia: Site 123 isn’t suitable for any of my needs. I wasn’t able to personify any chosen template and so I had to opt for another website builder.
  2. Gus from the US, Oklahoma: I was looking at Site123 with a need to make an e-commerce store. In two hours, I didn’t find anything good it can do for this purpose. When I wanted to compare its pricing plans, they simply weren’t there and I understood that Site123 does not have an e-store (how this is possible in the 21st century?).
  3. Zahir from Oman: Landing page was built. But when it came to widgets, I found just a few. Selling my e-book from this landing page is impossible, as it does not give automated processing of payments and does not connect any payment system relevant to my country.
  4. Ronnie, from Jamaica: I wanted to sell souvenirs through my website. I built a page and even made a description of the first product. When I wanted to add a cart or payment with a bank card – it was limited. Then I tried to make a blog. No answers to my blog posts, very limited blogging power. So I forgot about making a website in this domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add analytics software to Site123?

You can make customization of Google Analytics on your website in Site123 by inserting an app. On the menu page of your GA’a account, in the ‘Setting Up Your Account’ section fill in the ‘Account name’ field that will define your Site123’s website. Below that, enter your website name and URL. Select the industry category, reporting time zone and press ‘Get Tracking ID’. Copy the Tracking ID and go to the navigation menu of Site123. Open ‘Settings’ – ‘Plugins’ – choose Google Analytics from the list, paste in your ID and save.

How to create files in Site123?

You can’t actually create but you can upload already created ones to website builder Site123. To make it happen, go to ‘Page’ navigation tab, choose a page you want or add a new one, and open the editor by clicking the ‘Edit’ button. Click ‘Edit’ once again and in the ‘Long Description’ field click a button destined to upload a new file. Choose a file and upload, which will result in a link (but not an icon) on the page. Save.

How to customize subscription in Site123?

There is no ‘Subscription’ feature available in Site123 and as you can’t add a custom HTML code into any of your pages using this website builder, if you do need to make people subscribe to your newsletter or akin, you will have to create a link to another website created in another website builder. This is not impossible but think about why then you need to use website builder Site123 in the first place?

How to get website files from Site123?

It is impossible and Site123 help directly says that.

Who owns Site123?

There is no information currently available about an owner of Site123. What’s known for sure is that Site123 was developed and launched with the participation of an Israeli guy named Noam Alloush at the beginning of 2016. No further information about the corporate and capital structure, owners, CEO, Noam himself or anything other is available. It must be some sort of very secret information hidden deep to the background. And you should be aware of using a product of a company, which is that closed for the public (something is very wrong here).