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    How to remove powered by shopify?
    How to set up shopify store?
    How to make money on Shopify?
    Who would not want a piece of this pie?
    How to add a pixel Facebook in the shop?
    How to change the store name?
    How to execute applications for shopify?
    How to add Google Analytics for Shopify?
    How to add products in the shop?
    How to change store URL?
    How to recognize which theme shopify website uses?
    How many people use shopify?


Shopify is considered as the most popular e-commerce platform for the purpose of owners of a small (and large) commercial, in order to form its platform for the target of selling on the Internet. Unlikely unit imagine something easier to use than Shopify. You do not need to have a special skill. Making your own personal shopping center is easier than identifying a different plan in your own PC. To date, due to a number of min. It is possible to carry out personal entrepreneurship in the absence of one or another or additional Shopify  payments.

Working with Shopify, you don’t need a letter about what to follow – fill the gap with the number of your products, and I’ll inform you if someone completes. See because of promotions and manage absolutely all movements with a swift click.

We are convinced that, according to the responses from the most expensive customers, Shopify is a perfect platform for 95% of users!

Shopify Pricing

How many need to form a shopping center in Shopify? Working with our platform, I will free you with a large number of employers – all without exception, the notice is so easy that you can do it in the absence of someone else’s support.

Taking care of small groups and large firms, I have created a number of renewal projects that can help you to truly improve your service:

  • Shopify Lite – $ 9 per month – Shopify acquisition keys (so that your website’s web site is not technically considered to be a real online shopping mall), Facebook implementation, merging with POS, scam research, generating delivery requests manually. ant. automatic and delivery codes. The only individual office is provided.
  • Shopify Basic – $ 29 per month – contains more and more functions without exception + help 24/7, scam research, artisanal order formation, bonus codes, an Internet website and a diary, and in addition a free SSL certificate. 2 employees are given Never.
  • Shopify Regilar – $ 79 per month – contains all of the above functions + gift card games, high-class information and the resumption of a forgotten basket. 5 employee accounts are given.
  • Shopify Advanced – $ 299 per month – contains all the functions listed above + the in-depth information designer and delivery in the order of the current period. Individual Never are given.
  • Shopify Plus – $ 2000 per month – the hugest set with the goal of significant entrepreneurs.

Each project takes into account the unlimited number of products, unlimited saving of files, bonuses to motor transportation labels and separate packaging, if this should be.

Tips and tricks of Shopify

#2 Shopify

Ease Of Use StarStarStarStarStar
Features StarStarStarStarStar
Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$29.00 – $299.00
Free trial available

What else do you need to understand about Shopify? We do not like loud treatment. To gain access to the website and use the options, you must do everything possible, such as making purchases including hosting for the purpose of the website. What can help you with this?

  • 2 weeks of trial version
  • Accurate and usual tech notifications.
  • Striking standards.
  • Comfortable interface
  • Absolute Commerce
  • iPad add-on for the purpose of editing websites.
  • A large level of customer service.

Create your own shopping centers with stores and recipients. In this case, only in order to assess your service.

Shopify Rating Details

There is a large amount of Shopify superiority, which is great aristocracy for all buyers. These like:

  • Favorable and clear interface artist.
  • There are ready-made templates that (they are absolutely suitable for a quick start-up of the site).
  • More than 300 applications to enable online services.
  • Mobile applications for managing websites on any device.
  • “Restoring an abandoned basket” – remember your own customers about the end of the purchase with the support of a self-contained electrical message.
  • Track all payments and delivery
  • Track down all the items that you have in stock.
  • Various reports (reports on orders, cheap reports, etc.)

Shopify was designed for people in order to simplify their creation of web pages, we took care of its superiority and simplicity.

Is it safe to use Shopify?

(Built-in Speed & Security for Hosting)

He invites hosting for all websites that are developed on their platform. We are really responsible for the highest download speed, so that customers have an optimized website for their own hosting. The company believes that security is considered to be their most serious task. This is why we made a strong password system and recommend SSL encryption. And the free degree will work safely on https, offering an auxiliary level of security performance. Hackers and junk are what Shopify beats and contains merit with.

All intentions, from the cheapest to the most expensive, have the same degree of security. You do not need to install wise applications or configure servers. Shopify has a huge responsibility for taking care of our customer data. We never put the dissemination of individual data or any other own information. Joining Shopify is all you need to worry about. And this is how to find the best family that saves your secrets from within the family.

Which Shopify plan is best to choose from?

There are different Shopify plans to help each user to find their own and comfortable one. Also you could start with trial version and develop your account according to your growing business. But if you have even small online store highly recommend you to chose one of Shopify plans:

  • Shopify Lite  
  • Shopify Basic
  • Shopify Regular
  • Shopify Advanced    
  • Shopify Plus

Read more about each plan in the articles below  and develop your business easy and fast!

Shopify Online payments

All Shopify-supported payment methods rely on third-party providers to process your transactions. These suppliers have every chance to charge ancillary fees, and also use the criteria about what products you can implement with the implementation of their offers. When setting up a payment method, contact the company providing the offer in order to make sure that you are aware of their criteria and fees.

Online store develops and Shopify Themes

Shopify is a network where there is a large number of probabilities for creativity and creativity depending on different tastes. All Shopify themes are organized by style and color. The changes are immediately visible in the preview. Before introducing a template, use the probability to find out its absolute appearance.

Shopify themes are adaptive and look decent, with advanced typography and design. There is a huge variety for the artists who depict them. This quality is clearly reflected. Different systems, appearance, all miniatures are likely for every customer. You can change the website system at any time. There is a tip for you. We advise you to remember that in fact you have to balance your own needs in finding a favorable template and a favorable actual developer (for example shopify developer) of the site. Do and dream as you try – with us simply.

Shopify’s App Store

Approximately near a decade ago, we launched an online store to sell snowboard equipment just for those who like sport as much a we do. But already except Shopify’s core functionality, you can obtain apps by trying out an app store which is a multi-functional item. There is such a great library of available apps that far away not every e-commerce platform can boast of. The specific functionality of the apps makes people really curious about them and did you try to talk from one app to another? With Shopify, there is nothing impossible. Enjoy more than a thousand absolutely different and lovely apps that it offers.

It is also possible to make something of an app market finding there the extensions for your smartphone. If to say about the thing Shopify stands out from other platforms is that the site has its own insane amount of apps. Name it starting from email marketing integrations to the drop shipping connections itself. This action can save up a huge amount of money for you. Available Shopify apps could be structured to these points:

  • Accounting Shopify apps;
  • Abandoned cart saver Shopify apps;
  • Advanced reporting Shopify apps.

Shopify is one of the coolest e-commerce platforms for selling goods online. Some people may think that larger brands and famous people will not be interested in doing anything over here, because they may need something more powerful or customizable. Far from it, because Shopify stores actually give you everything you need to expand your brand into something huge (especially with a new Shopify Plus version for large enterprises).

Shopify support

Over the next four years, the company has grown very quickly – from 20,000 sellers to more than 300,000. At the same time, it rapidly developed keeping up procedure with its customer base and was not going to slow down. However, during this first influx of customers at Shopify, they quickly realized that employees could hardly add and maintain new vendors, largely because the tools they had available were not designed for a flurry of new requests. So began the search for a new solution. After hearing good reviews about Zendesk, they decided to look at this product.

Do you need any kind of help while using our product? Our shopify customer service reply to any request and never leave you alone with the problem. Don’t ask which time it is possible to apply, because shopify customer service work 24/7 by email, live shopify support chat or phone. Some of our competitors don’t provide telephone shopify support option, but we realize that there are those kinds of problems that are hard can be clear in written form. There is also an open forum on the main page where we would be glad to see you as a part of the discussion process.

Who Is Shopify Best Suited for?

Talking about the special features about our website Shopify has something to show off over the competitors:

  • Shopify is not a complex platform to set up and perform then for those who start their e-commerce it is nothing so stressful;
  • The toolset is quite fair and it can turn out to be attractive for fresh and not so successful yet businesses;
  • There is a huge diversity of shopify templates designs for each taste to be satisfied. Don’t pay over to designer or somebody’s other services.
  • Use Shopify offline and integrate it with the operation that is already installed.
  • Grow together with us regardless of the number of goods offered from you, customers number, etc.

If to talk about the perfect manager, we could have it is mostly about beginners than old ones. People who are just starting try to minimize any payments so lots of customers find it as a beneficial thing. It is filled with tools to launch the site within a few minutes, and you don’t need to worry about self-hosting or buying a domain name from a third party. In this regard, one could call this an ideal out-of-the-box solution, built with pricing plans that serve small starting stores, as well as stores that generate millions of dollars in sales. More advanced designers get access to CSS and HTML files, and you can upgrade to get more advanced features as your store grows.

Overall, this is a beautifully constructed e-commerce platform with many themes that look modern and stylish, but also simple and minimal, if that’s what you are looking for.

Shopify Promo Codes & Coupons

Gift cards are great for large companies that are already a recognized brand. Customers can go to your website and buy a gift card for a friend or family member. They are great for birthdays and Christmas. In addition, you can also issue gift cards as rewards for your customers. To develop a powerful strategy of your marketing tactics we set up the branched system of discounts, shopify prices and shopify coupons. Up to it, customers can enter these offerings online at checkout. It is also possible to set the fixed shopify stock price for clients on products as well as its validity.

Keep in mind that there is a limited number of such sales in a frame of 20,000,000 but we guess that it is more than enough. Using Shopify POS your customers is able to pay off discounts codes in your online shop. Offer them the discounts with an automatically fixed developing at checkout and on the cart too. To be a partner of such program customers are obliged to add all eligible stuff to their carts before their moving to check out.

To provide a permanent shopify discount codes to some online store customers you need to do only 2 steps:

  1. Allocate customers in a separate group, for example, VIP
  2. Add a discount that will apply to VIP customers       

Shopify Review Conclusion: Is this tool for you?

Shopify has the most thoughtful set of features everybody can ever meet. Almost everything you need to run your own online store takes care of a specific function. It doesn’t matter if you plan to launch your store entirely on the Internet or from there is always something for everyone. It manages to achieve such a strong set of functions because it either has a built-in tool or it is allowed you to install it using an application.

What customers like most about Shopify:

  • Building on goods, managing payment account and converting orders is not stressful anyhow;
  • Mastering templates are easy for customers of any level of awareness towards this process;
  • Getting help from the net in modifying layouts as it goes with a blog;
  • Opportunity to change website overlook, install new templates and implementing them fast;
  • Chance to have entire control over online store customization;
  • Seeling offline;
  • Round clock support.

To sum it up, we’re really proud of our permanently increasing success and growth. We have really worked hard to nurture our company such as values and culture. We inspire everyone to experiment, take risks, and push the envelope.

Shopify Reviews

To be useful and beneficial for all our clients we try to keep in touch with them and always are wondered about their opinion and taste. Here are some of the shopify reviews which our dear customers have left:

  1. I’m not a techie one, no. Anytime. Nevertheless, I could easily figure it out. I have a basic website for my Life Coaching business. There were almost many many templates from which I could choose, but I was able not only to choose but what I appreciated to make my stuff even look more attractive. I guess those who have any experience in this field perform really exciting ones. It is very helpful to have a free gallery; you know – I’ve never had a problem with selecting the most suitable image for my posts. Shopify is my e-friend from now.
  2. While creating my latest site, I was doing some kind of homework, looking at reviews of products. After that, I started to build my site with the help of trials of two lead website builders. I quickly realized that I was making quick progress with Shopify, and not the other one could give me such a chance like this. So I just proceeded with it. The very helpful app, thank you. A freestanding cold fusion cart Cartweaver that has 1300 download products and a database with over 10k customers is what I am using now and take lots of advantages of it. So cheerful.
  3. I used Shopify to create my own site and some sites for customer use. Of course, I have used other platforms before but I prefer working here. It is easy to use, the designs are very worthy and you can choose them in according to anyone’s taste. The customer service has been excellent and the price is not so high as I run across recently. Great one. I wish you a future blooming and more customers which can turn into happy customers at once.
  4. I started using Shopify in search of something new and reliable add ones for free. And actually, I have managed to get something like this that far exceeded my expectations. The Help point was especially useful. And this is what made me curious for all of the time. Just for the first weeks – certain things I had to ask their Help desk and I found so many sections to enter that I didn’t even know what should I start from. But in any way, I managed and now I understand how all this stuff works.


How to remove powered by shopify?

  1. From your Shopify Admin, click Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code.
  2. Open the Footer.liquid file.
  3. Just before the {% schema %} tag you should see the following code line:
    {{powered_by_link | split: ‘” ‘ | join: ‘? ref=out-of-the-sandbox” ‘ | split: ‘”>’ | join: ‘? ref=out-of-the-sandbox”>’ }}
  4. Delete this line.

Password Page

  1. From your Shopify Admin, click Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code.
  2. Open the password.liquid file.
  3. Near the bottom of the file, you should see the following code line:
    <div class=”shopify”>
    {{ ‘general.password_page.powered_by_shopify_html’ | t }}
  4. Delete this line.

How to set up shopify store?

  1. Sign Up for Shopify. Navigate to the Shopify website, and click on the Get Started button. …
  2. Add a Product to Your Shopify Store. …
  3. Customize the Look of Your Site. …
  4. Setup Your Domain. …
  5. Activate Your Payment Processor.

How to make money on Shopify?

Do you dream of a personal business? If so, you are not alone. Almost all people would like to catch fire with a personal matter and throw the everyday routine of unhappy dead-end work.

But there are a large number of types of business that you would have had an opportunity to start, once of them, absolutely, follow in the footsteps of taking into account, this is electric commerce.

Over the past few years, the implementation of e-commerce has increased exponentially, and, according to monitoring, they will last. Practically, it is assumed that the sales of electric trade will increase from $ 2.3 trillion in 2017 to $ 4.5 trillion in 2021.

Who would not want a piece of this pie?

For example, if you are ready to go into the shopify e-commerce universe, in order to help you start a personal business, Shopify has the opportunity to help.

Before registering you need to qualify, in fact, what you want to implement, if you have not already figured out this part. If you do not have any doubts, in fact, that you want to implement, do not take hasty conclusions.

At the beginning, conduct a market research. Spend some time in order to find out what products you want in order to smell your shop. Frisky opinion has the opportunity to lead to the failure of your business, in consequence of this you want to be convinced of this choice.

In case you still have no doubt that actually implement, Shopify still has the opportunity to assist with this. Directly on the key page you will be able to find a link that will undoubtedly help you find products for sale in your store.

As soon as you understand what you intend to realize, the time begins for the creation of the store. Sign up for in order to make a personal online store.

How to add a pixel Facebook in the shop?

You can integrate a pixel of Facebook with your online store in order to help you understand customer behavior and traffic. Facebook Pixel collects data on how customers use the pages of your online store, so that you can more effectively design your own marketing campaigns to search for fresh buyers.

Before you add a Facebook pixel to a personal store, you can recognize more about the Facebook pixel in the Facebook Help Center.

How to change the store name?

If you need to replace the store name, log in to your own account. Subsequently, go to the Joint options, and you will see a space where you can change the name. Rewrite the new name and click “Save”!

How to execute applications for shopify?

Subsequently, such as your customer will arrange the application, you need to send it. This process is referred to in Shopify as order fulfillment. There are a number of things that need to be arranged for you in order to make sure that your applications are processed and carried out correctly.

You configure the characteristics of the parameters of the order when setting the characteristics of the design of the order.

Execution of orders manually allows you to simply track down your inventory and keep sending orders under control. Manual order fulfillment has the opportunity to be the best method to fulfill an order, in case one of the appropriate conditions is applicable to your business:

  • Create products on order
  • Own the products for the preparatory order
  • Ends occasionally
  • You want to own the probability to simply offer your customers selective execution without the need for a refund.

How to add Google Analytics for Shopify?

Before that, you can start collecting data about your store, you need to own a Google account, register specialists for tracking and choose which data you want to track.

  1. Make sure that you have not yet integrated Google Analytics.
  2. Getting a Google Account
  3. Connect Google Analytics.
  4. Connect electrical trading tracking.

How to add products in the shop?

  1.  Go to admin Shopify and click on the Products tab:
  2.  Click “Add product” located in the upper right corner:
  3. enter the “Name” and “Description” of your product:
  4. Scroll down to the “Images” section to add images of your product.
  5. The 1st uploaded image will be your favorite default image. In order to load auxiliary images, click “Add images” or dragging them from your computer:
  6. Find a list of product information, covering Visibility, to make sure where your products will be reflected. Essentially mark the flag “Online Store”, so that your product was visible in your store.
  7. Change the “Organization” of the product, for example, how it incorporates the image of the product, supplier and collection
  8. Enter the shopify stock price of the product. You can still set the settlement shopify cost for your buyer’s reference. Set the flag below to make sure that you are actually doing the tax included in the product.
  9. For your own toolkit, enter your personal SKU, barcode, and inventory that you want for a politician.
  10.  In case your product asks for delivery, tick the box and enter the authority of the product.
  11.  Add “options” for your product, for example, as our product has the ability to be of different colors and volumes. You can personally add up its cost, in case it changes.
  12.  Shopify now gives you a chance for SEO, because now you can edit your personal meta title and meta description, which will be reflected when a customer searches for your product.

Adding your shopify products to your online store is considered one of the more significant steps in developing your store. Imagine your own products at their best, and let your customers understand and adore what you purchased for them.

How to change store URL?

URL redirects can be used to redirect traffic from one webpage to another. When you change the URL in your own Shopify store, you can redirect the URLs so that your customers can still find what they are looking for.

For example, if you delete a product, you can configure URL redirection so that when customers enter the URL of this product, they are redirected to a similar product in your store.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store> Navigation.
  2. Click Redirect URL:
  3. Click Add URL Redirection.
  4. In the Redirect section, enter the old URL from which you want to redirect guests. Only non-working URLs must be redirected. In case the old URL still loads the webpage, the URL redirection will not work.


    It is not possible to redirect URLs that start with the proper prefixes: / apps, / application, / cart, / carts, / orders, / shop, or / services.
  5. In the Redirect section, enter the latest URL to which you want to redirect guests. If you want to redirect to the home page of your store, enter /.


    A fresh URL can be conditional (for example, / collection / shirts) or an absolute URL (for example, To redirect traffic in your lead domain, use a comparative URL. In order to redirect outside the main domain, use the absolute URL.
  6. Click Add.

How to recognize which theme shopify website uses?

The simplest method in just 2 steps:

  1. Go to the site and right-click in any space of the page and select “View the starting code of the page” (or press Ctrl + U, if you stay in Chrome).
  2. Press Ctrl + F to open the search box and enter “Shopify. Theme”, you will see the title of the topic in 1 line under the attribute “name”, as in the screenshot

How many people use shopify?

In real time, Shopify serves more than 500,000 companies in 175 countries. More than 1.2 million people are actively using the Shopify platform.