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Overview of Godaddy

If you are a beginner in making websites, you can use Godaddy site builder as one of the possible solutions for your simple site, good in looks, not powerful in acts. But it is definitely more than just to ‘play around’, as it offers its customers e-commerce with a possibility to take payments in many channels; blog of its own (or connection of another, more powerful, instead, through HTML). Godaddy pricing a month (billed annually) is relatively good. So how does Godaddy work? Let’s briefly consider below.

#1 GoDaddy

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$5.99 – $19.99
Free 1-month trial

A general overview of Godaddy

Is Godaddy site creator easy to use?

It was designed to be one of the easiest on the market. Maybe, eventually, it was made even too simple: there are not many Godaddy website templates to choose from, each predefined so much that if you want to globally rearrange elements on a template, you will find nearly impossible to do it, so your creativity is limited, falling a victim of fastness of creating a site.

How much website builder Godaddy costs?

With 5 plans in total, it is a wonderful solution for the money. Godaddy’s trial period is 30 days and it gives you only small ad banners of the Go daddy website builder in your pages. During it, you aren’t limited to the number of pages to be created on your site (up to 999) and have an embedded possibility of mobile friendliness, editing on the go thanks to its new app, and 24/7 support.

Pricing of Godaddy website builder

Apart from one of the longest on a market try-and-buy periods of 1 month, Godaddy site creator offers 4 subscription plans:

  • $5.99 for personal sites, small and neat
  • $9.99 for business, with a possibility to attach PayPal and somewhat widening your opportunities
  • $14.99 a month for Business+, which opens for you the e-mail marketing, the inclusion of your business into Google (on maps as well), integration with social media and a possibility to connect your calendar to one on the site to make it possible for users to sign an appointment to you seeing when you are free
  • $19.99 is for an online store, which enables the processing of payments from cards, shopping cart managing, governing your merchandise’s pieces, connecting to Amazon, eBay, offering promos and special prices, making Godaddy reviews of your products/services, and some other helpful features.

These all are decent values for the money, especially considering that it is completely in line with the market.

The drawback is that hosting of a non-branded site is not included in the price and you have to buy the domain separately or to connect an existing one to Godaddy’s site creator.

Advantages and disadvantages of Godaddy website creator

#2 GoDaddy

Ease Of Use StarStarStarStarStar
Features StarStarStarStarStar
Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$5.99 – $19.99
Free 1-month trial


  • It is very easy and everything can be done on the go.
  • It is for non-professionals in site making but for those who are interested in having own site fast and without a need to address someone.
  • Its templates are awesome visually.


  • In recent years, the Godaddy site creator has presented its new creator called GoCentral. But they did it without any transition plan for existing users and thus, all of them had to be very quick in redoing their sites either for new Godaddy site creator’s templates or to ponder about another web maker.
  • The blog is too simple, even scarce: you can’t tag, can’t have different authors, add a video, change SEO for each page as you like… But you can attach a powerful blog of a third party through altering the HTML code.
  • Though layouts are beautiful, there aren’t many of them and they can’t be changed too deeply.
  • Support is very abstract and not helpful.
  • Godaddy tutorial works well only for the first steps in Godaddy site creator, not focusing on later and minor issues.

What features does Godaddy website builder have?

  • Ease of use thanks to drag-and-drop is high and that’s the first thing, which attracts users to Godaddy site creator.
  • Advertisements are not big, just in a footnote.
  • If you were using Godaddy before, you may know it is the biggest domain registrar in the world. Unfortunately, they don’t provide you one within any subscription plan.
  • 1 level of navigation is enough only for a few-page-site, not a big one.
  • You can start a pretty decent e-store, run monetization campaign.
  • SEO is present but not of expected quality, not the best in rating among other site creating tools.
  • Visitor statistics – the tool to your choice though altering HTML (to add Google Analytics or another).
  • There is a form creator but you often can’t make any forms adding just any field to your wish.
  • Unfortunately, protection with a password is unreachable.
  • You can have a newsletter.
  • Blogging isn’t powerful. Your readers won’t even be able to subscribe to your RSS newsfeed or leave rich comments.

Find Godaddy website examples on the Net to see whether you like the end result and if you want to use Godaddy business website builder too.

Speed and security in Godaddy website builder

Security is technically provided by turning on the SSL opportunity, which is integrated into all subscription plans (as of 2020). Earlier, it wasn’t included in all plans – the cheapest one was deprived of it.

According to site, Godaddy website editor is not too optimal from the terms of speed (but not the worst):

  • Page load score is only D (68%, lower than average on the market)
  • Time of a full load of an average page is 4.9 seconds
  • Average page size is 1.57 Mb, which makes users with slow Internet to knock their fingers on the table waiting while your pages load (and that can deplete their bandwidth if they have any).

It’s a good thing that Godaddy site editor does not limit its users in bandwidth or storage space.

Design opportunities and templates of Godaddy website builder

It seems like templates were predefined to stay as they are in Godaddy site creator, not being changed by the users much. It is definitely a good thing if you don’t want to know all this stuff about personalization and just happy with what you’re given. In other cases, you won’t find them great.

Also, be aware of the scarce choice of themes: if some other tools on the Internet can easily offer you over a hundred luxurious templates, then Godaddy site creator is likely to boast with a few dozen only. Sure, you can do some alterations but don’t expect a powerful outcome.

Customer Support in Godaddy website builder

We were doing some regular tests for Godaddy site creator as we do for others and were disappointed by the quality of the outcome.

Secondly, we were surprised to see that the most popular support channel – e-mail – is not provided by Godaddy site creator’s team. They have left a phone, live chat, and FAQ. ‘Perfectly enough,’ you’d say not seeing their FAQ yet. However, FAQ is tough to deal with, as they mix everything in one pile, which seems disappointing at a second glance. But if you think that chat or phone changes a lot – well, they were trying to sell something to us more than they actually tried to be helpful. ‘Do we want to buy the Godaddy website costlier plan?’ ‘Do we want to try something else?’ That’s should not be in the help center.

Marketing and SEO possibilities of Godaddy website builder

There is an e-letter marketing tool. Using third-party apps, you can gain more power in this area. But you should do it through HTML alteration, as there is no such thing as an app store, from which you can pick and integrate easily.

SEO is limited for blogs and other types of sites in Godaddy. In the blogosphere, you can’t alter SEO tags as you want it for every individual article (and to the extent of art as Google requires it). In other sites, headings are located not as demanded (and you can’t do anything about it) but you can define basic meta tags, leaving off the board all other features of SEO. Looking at the speed of pages’ loading, they are on the edge of the optimal zone for Google’s high ranking in search results.

Integration features of Godaddy website builder

If you want to add something new, which is not predefined by the chosen template in Godaddy site creator, this is possible through HTML by inserting pieces of code following the instructions of your app.

Due to a good possibility of backup and restore, you can try more options of integration freer compared to many site creators, which don’t provide such a technical feature (in particular, we’re talking about Site123 and Jimdo). So before you’re trying new stuff, be sure to back up and – if anything goes wrong – undo the bad job by restoring.

Payment inside of Godaddy website builder

Godaddy site creator is actually quite good in providing payment for goods and services – PayPal is embedded as one of the first options when you’re going for ‘Business’, the second cheapest plan. Widening to ‘Online Store’, you’re receiving a possibility to work with bank cards and a few other payment options. This is able to power up your web store not only inside of the US or Israel (as main consumers of PayPal transactions) but also globally – where cards are accepted as the means of payment (that excludes only poorest or most turbulent countries).

Coupons and promo codes that one can find in Godaddy website builder

Coupons arrive in the functionality of building a website with Godaddy’s e-store subscription plan. For $19.99 a month, you can sell 1,500 products, make discounts to your clients, and add the feature of coupons representing varying types of price cutoffs or with a condition of a non-monetary reward to your customers. In this tariff plan, you can also link your promo and coupon campaigns to multiple channels, including Facebook. When you are sending promo letters to your subscribers (amongst which are customers, prospects, and other visitors), you can include information about coupons and discounts into your letters, submitting direct links to them so to make people more interested.

Conclusion: is Godaddy website builder worth using?

With average pricing, rich functionality & fair enough speed of pages load, creator of websites Godaddy is a decent option. One shan’t expect to do a hard-functional site but the basics are available. Thrilling advantage of the overviewed tool is in the fact that it allows connecting multiple channels of accepting payments to an electronic point of sale. References to Amazon, eBay, Facebook are another advantage. If not caring about sales, then the basic functionality is decent enough. Wanna know now how to build a website on Godaddy? Register as a new user & start your oeuvre!

Godaddy reviews of clients

Here are some Godaddy website builder reviews:

  1. Nathaniel from Ankara, Istanbul: I liked what it can do for my web store. Payments through cards are not that often seen in other web makers.
  2. Jasper from Sofia, Bulgaria: I made a personal site & attached a blogging option to it through external HTML code. Everything works well through months.
  3. Derek from Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina): I specifically loved its long free trial, during which I was able to estimate every single feature I was interested in (taking into account my high busyness during the day). Eventually, I chose it.
  4. Edgar from Zagreb, Croatia: Godaddy website creator is not the most powerful solution. So, doing my business website (about company + catalog + feedbacks + subscription), I had to give in too many features. However, I altered HTML to make (nearly everything) I wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my website on Godaddy website builder?

Yes, it is customizable to some extent. Unlike some most advanced website makers (Wix & especially WordPress), Godaddy can’t allow doing flamboyant replacing/shifting/deletion.

What’s the benefit of having an Online Store with Godaddy?

The biggest advantage so far is in the possibility of attaching payments to bank cards, which not every website maker gives.

Can I connect my social media to my Godaddy website creator?


  1. Twitter
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Instagram.

Does Godaddy have an App Market?

Nope, it does not. Everything one might want is already there. If you want to integrate more – get into the code.