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When you don’t have the budget and the time to go through the lengthy process of getting a website designed and developed, your best alternative is a DIY website builder. Website builders are an ideal solution, without the fuss or the cost to get started on a web design. Whether you are looking to own an online business, a blog, display portfolio or set up an ecommerce store, get your web design instantly. But first choose the right one.

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Get all the experience at to learn more about which website builder is right for you. Our in-depth expert reviews with point by point comparison will give you the complete insights on how top website builders work and how to get your web design with the least amount of time. We do the background analysis and research so that you don’t have to do it, simply choose and get started.

Top Tips to Choose The Best Cheap Website Builder


The website builders remain to gain popularity all over the world. Why do most people decide to choose a cheap website builder rather than hire a professional developer? The truth is that web developing software allows creating a low cost website for less than $15 per month. To compare, the coding services will cost you at least $2,000 for a simple website.


Thanks to website builders, cheap website development is now available for everyone. Moreover, the process doesn’t require any technical knowledge or coding experience - modern website builders have an intuitively understandable design, so you are not likely to face many difficulties when using a cheap website creator. 


Moreover, many low cost website designing programs offer free packages to their users. It is the cheapest way to make a website since you will not need to pay for a domain, hosting or building services. 


So, what is the most inexpensive way to make a professional website? What is the cheapest way to start a website? How can you pick up an inexpensive website builder? Find the answers you all these questions and much more in our review of the best programs for creating cheap custom websites. 

How to make a cheap website? Choosing the low cost website builder

Website builders are surely the cheapest way to create a website. However, when choosing the best inexpensive website builder, you will need to take into account lots of factors: the type of the website you are planning to create, the ability to purchase a domain with the help of the least expensive website builder, as well as its number of functions. Below we’ve compared various modern web building software to pick up the best low cost website builder.




Weebly is considered to be the cheapest website builder for creating stunning websites with lots of advanced functions. The program contains dozens of various templates available in different categories. All of the themes, offered by the website builder are completely free to use without any limitations. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap website templates the program is likely to meet your expectations.


Weebly is a classical builder. After choosing a template, you will be automatically redirected to the building panel with the main menu located to the left. Here you will find tons of various elements for your website, divided into logical groups. Tools for adding pictures and media, text boxes, drop-down menus, fonts, and other common functions are all available. 


The builder is focused on small websites, personal websites, and blogs. However, the platform also has a significant number of e-commerce tools, too. The number of features continues to grow since the builder remains to be one of the most popular solutions for cheap website building. 


The program is easy to use and comprehensive. That is the main reason for crafting millions of cheap websites by users all over the world. You are not required to have any technical knowledge to start using the program - it has a simplified interface that is developed for beginners. 


Weebly also has an in-built feature of editing your images directly on the platform. This will make your process of editing media files much easier and quicker. However, the builder doesn’t offer a personalized media library. Therefore, in case you are planning to use the same image several times, you will need to upload it each time you will use it. Nevertheless, Weebly is one of the most user-friendly builders with a reasonable pricing policy. 


The platform also has a mobile application so you will be able to edit, maintain, and update your website with no need to access its desktop version. Moreover, the mobile app also contains various important statistical data and is ready to send you notifications in case something goes wrong (for example, in case the number of regular visitors drops below a certain level) You can keep in touch with the necessary website’s parameters anywhere and anytime. 



  • Easy customization

  • Lots of templates available in different categories

  • Convenient mobile app to update your website, create posts and discover some stats

  • Integrated e-commerce functions for online stores

  • Autosave option 

  • Embedded media editor

  • The responsive design of all templates

  • Easy-to-use

  • SSL security support is available



  • Some elements require more advanced customization

  • No undo function

  • Might seem less creative than its analogs

  • Not a perfect solution for bloggers



  • Connect a domain plan: only $5 a month

  • Pro: $12 a month

  • Business: $25 a month

  • Business Plus with the largest number of functions: $38 a month




Site123 is another cheap website maker that is known for its straightforward design and miraculously easy admin panel. The software is focused on businesses and individuals, who want to create inexpensive websites within the shortest terms. 


The program will ask you a couple of questions before setting up your personalized website. This is really handy for most users. Site 123 will perfectly suit bloggers, who would like to create a simple blog with no unique or stunning functions. Moreover, the builder is also good for crafting simple portfolio sites, websites for small businesses and e-commerce solutions. The app has everything needed to set up your own online store but still lacks some financial and payment features. Therefore, in case you need a modern online store with a whopping functionality, it is better to try more professional e-commerce solutions. 


However, the platform will be exceptionally helpful for creating the cheapest website if you have limited time and budget. Site123 offers beautiful responsive templates for any type of website so your site is likely to have a professional and top-notch look. 


Generally, Site 123 is perfect for small businesses and personal sites. In case you are planning to become a big market player and create a big business, it is recommended to choose a more powerful solution. 


What makes Site123 stand out from other builders? This is an excellent support. The platform’s support team is always ready to answer all your questions within the shortest terms. Moreover, the builder’s support is likely to be one of the fastest among its analogs. This makes this cheap website developer program even more attractive for beginner users. 




  • One of the simplest builders on the Internet

  • Great for small and personal websites

  • Fast and quality help and support

  • A large number of responsive templates

  • Easy customization

  • No branding ads on all plans

  • Perfect for beginners



  • Limited customization functionality

  • Lack of control of your website

  • Limited functionality for e-commerce solutions and big businesses




Site123 has a simple pricing policy. There are only two plans available - the first one is completely free, while the second one will cost you $10.80 per month.




Wix has been holding the leading positions on the market for over a decade. Being the cheapest way to build a website, the program provides its users with incredibly rich functionality. The program is perfect for crafting a cheap blog, personal website, small online stores, and big e-commerce solutions. 


Wix also offers its users a special smart feature that is not available in its competitors. The program is able to automatically create a whole personalized website for you! The only thing you will need to do is to provide the URLs to your profiles on social media, add some personal details and requirements to your future site. Wix Adi Tool will generate a top-notch site for you according to the data you provide. After that, you will be able to edit and customize a pre-made website according to your personal preferences. 


Wix Adi Tool is not the only solution for creating a cheap and good-looking site. The platform has a classical website builder with a handy drag and drop builder that is the most convenient tool for crafting any type of website. 


Wix has the largest database of templates divided into handy categories. You can easily try any template for free and choose the most fitting one for your website. All the templates are responsive, so your site will look perfect on mobile devices with different screen sizes. However, you will not be able to change the chosen theme after your website goes live.


Wix is also highly appreciated by most users due to its amazing freedom of customization. Unlike most grid-based or low-customizable website builders, the platform offers to place the chosen elements anywhere you want directly on your web page. Therefore, your creative process is not limited by any restrictions or inconveniences.   

The program has a whopping number of functions for blogging, e-commerce, and creating personal sites. With the help of tons of widgets and third-party solutions, you are able to create a cheap feature-rich website in no time. 


The cheap website builder offers to create a free account and then choose a plan that perfectly meets all your requirements. By the way, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime. 



  • The largest database of templates for any kind of business or blog

  • Easy drag and drop builder

  • Tons of customization tools for advanced editing your site

  • App Store with additional plugins and widgets

  • Responsive design 

  • Mobile app for checking your website performance on the fly

  • Allows creating animated texts and elements

  • Ability to insert your own HTML or CSS code to your site

  • Reasonable pricing policy



  • Not all the templates appear to be flexible 

  • Not all the templates are free

  • No embedded statistics options

  • Switching templates after going live is not applicable

  • Exporting your site to other platforms is not possible




Wix has various pricing plans, so you can easily choose the best one to fit your budget. All the plans are available for reasonable money and are affordable for most users. 

  • Simplest Connect Domain Plan: $5 a month

  • Combo plan for small websites with a limited number of pages: $13 a month

  • Unlimited plan for portfolio site and small businesses: $17 a month

  • eCommerce plan for online stores and similar selling projects: $23 a month

  • VIP plan with the largest number of functions: $39 a month 


First of all, let’s clarify the differences between two similar products. These are and is a world-famous content management system that is one of the most powerful solutions for creating a website for any level of difficulty. is a specially developed platform for bloggers that looks similar to classical website builders, like Weebly or Wix. In this article, we will learn more about the pros and cons of using a solution. 


The platform is the cheapest way to have a website for advanced blogging. has the largest number of various tools for creating a perfectly looking blog with almost no efforts. The platform offers such features as RSS feed, display categories, comments, archive, analytics, social bookmarks, and search feature. You can also install tons of various plugins to make your blog look amazing and 100% unique. 


The website builder also has special unique tools for creating e-commerce websites and business websites. 



  • Professional blogging tools for any need

  • Dozens of free themes 

  • Basic customization

  • Advanced features for blogging

  • 6 GB of storage space

  • Mobile friendly



  • Templates are focused mostly on blogging 

  • The design might seem a little bit complicated for beginners

  • Some third-party plugins might appear to be incompatible with your website




Free: 0$ per month 

Personal: 5$ per month 

Premium: 8$ per month 

Business: 25$ per month 




Strikingly is a top-rated solution that remains to be one of the major players on the market of cheap website builders. The app is relatively good for creating simple websites with pretty but not feature-rich design. 


The website builder is easy to start with. Strikingly has a great design and easy-to-use drag and drop builder that will suit even the most demanding beginners. All the menus and buttons are located right where they should be, making the whole process of web creation easy and comfortable. 


What makes Strikingly cheap website builder differ from its alternatives? The application offers to create two websites for the price of one. In case you need two websites, this might be a really great option to fit your needs. Moreover, the builder has amazingly low prices. For example, for only $8 per month, you can sell up to 5 products or services on your website. 


However, the platform doesn’t allow creating multiple product pages. Having a straightforward design, it is really good for one-page websites with a simple but good-looking interface. This website structure makes the overall website management cheap and easy but has some limitations in customizing your site. 


Generally, Strikingly is perfect for personal sites, portfolios and small businesses. If you are planning to craft a large e-commerce project, a blog or a multilingual website, this cheap builder might not meet your expectations. 



  • Perfect for one-page websites

  • Easy to start

  • Simple customization

  • Ability to integrate with PayPal

  • Personal gallery - once you uploaded the image, you will not need to do it again

  • Ability to add personal CSS, HTML, and Javascript code to your website

  • Cheap pricing plans

  • Free domain name

  • 24/7 support

  • A free plan is available



  • Limited functionality and customization

  • Not suitable for big online stores

  • Branding on your website (except more expensive plans)



Free: 0$ per month

Limited: 12 per month

Pro: 20 per month


In case you purchase a yearly subscription, your price will be lower. 




1&1 IONOS is one of the cheapest website builders from our list. Although the program can’t boast to having such an incredible number of features as its competitors, it is still really professional and well-developed. 

The most interesting thing, offered by the platform is a free domain and a full-featured builder for miraculously low costs. With only a couple of dollars per month, you will get a free domain name, private registration, 5 free email accounts, an SSL certificate and various tools for creating your website. You also get a 120GB of storage space for your site, as well as a free back up and restore. 


The builder has a modern and simple user interface. 1&1 IONOS will not make you sign any contracts or perform obligatory payments. You can anytime cancel your subscription or move your site to another platform.


Generally, this cheap website builder is a good start for newbies in the area of web development, as well as for those users, who are not sure about starting a new business. The platform will surely suit people with very limited budgets, offering low prices for all its services. 


Moreover, the builder is surprisingly good for creating multilingual websites. So, you will be able to manage one site in several different languages simultaneously. 



  • Easy to use

  • A significant number of templates

  • A large amount of free space

  • One of the cheapest prices on the market

  • Free domain name

  • SSL certificate for all plans

  • No coding skills needed

  • Basic tools for marketing and SEO

  • Suitable for multilingual sites



  • Some templates are outdated

  • Limited customization features

  • No option of adding your HTML or CSS code

  • No free plan




All pricing plans are available for $0.75 - $2 per month. 




GoDaddy is a powerful website development solution that is really great for crafting various types of websites on the fly. The builder is designed for complete beginners, so its interface is as simple as possible. Either you want to create a blog, portfolio, personal website or an e-commerce tool with lots of features, the platform is always ready to help. 


The program allows purchasing a domain name and a website hosting before creating your website. This is simple and convenient - there is no need to look for any third parties to launch your website. 


The cheap website creator provides you with a large number of various templates, all are fully responsible for mobile devices. Each template can be customized with various tools, such as changing colors, fonts, moving and adding new elements to each page. The sites, created with the help of GoDaddy are really fast and good-looking. Moreover, all the customers get a free SSL certificate for their websites. 


The program has one of the largest numbers of elements for making a perfect website design. These are banners, forms, galleries, drop-down menus, calls to action, themes, and members-only pages. 


GoDaddy is able to successfully integrate with various third-party platforms and programs, including Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and others. With the help of the in-built SEO tools, you will be able to promote your website and have better scores for search engines. 


The builder is available not only as a desktop version but also has a mobile app. Therefore, you can easily check your website performance in just a few taps. 



  • User-friendly design

  • Lots of templates for any need

  • A large number of advanced functions and options

  • Ability to get a domain and hosting

  • Powerful e-commerce and blogging utilities

  • Easy integration with other apps

  • Basic image editing

  • Email updates



  • Limited live chat support

  • To benefit from some plans, you will need to subscribe for a minimum 3 years



The cheapest plan can be purchased for $5,99 billed annually, while the most expensive one will cost you $19,99




Squarespace offers cheap e-commerce website design with lots of advanced tools and options. The platform is one of the most creative builders from our list. It has a great number of top-quality templates that are responsive and perfectly looking. 


The platform will perfectly suit the needs of creative spirits, as well as those, who value unique design and uncommon templates. With the help of the builder, you will be able to create a superb stylish website with all the elements located right on their places. Although you will get less editorial freedom compared to analogs, your site will be surely one of the most stunning among your competitors. Furthermore, the application allows editing your images directly from the admin panel of your website. In case the image or photo is not fitting any box, you can easily customize it using special embedded tools. 


The builder contains tools for advanced website analytics, so you will be always able to check the visitor’s statistics and other important data. 



  • Most creative templates

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage for all plans

  • Allows customization with your HTML/CSS/JavaScript code

  • Ability to edit images with in-built tools

  • Free custom domain

  • Easy drag-and-drop builder

  • SSL certificate

  • Integrates with Apple Pay and Stripe

  • Supports digital downloads

  • Ability to pay either monthly or yearly 



  • Limited in-built customization tools for both mobile and desktop website versions

  • 3% transaction fee for business plans

  • No free plan available



  • Personal plan: $12 per month

  • Business plan:  $18 per month

  • Basic commerce: $26 per month

  • Advanced commerce: $40 per month


It is also worth mentioning that in case you purchase a long-term plan (a yearly subscription), you are able to save up to 25% of the total cost of using the platform. 

Cheapest Website Builders: Conclusion

To this point, you are likely to choose the cheapest website builders with the largest number of functions. To summarize, here is a list of the top less expensive website creators:


  • 1&1 IONOS ($0.75-$2 per month)

  • Wix,, and Weebly (cheapest plans are available for $5 per month)

  • GoDaddy ($5.99 monthly)


Generally, the best website builders with the highest quality services provided are Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. These are the world-famous web creating platforms that offer a significant number of tools for comfortable design and easy promotion of your web project. 


As a rule, a good perfect  website builder should offer these functions:


  • No branding ads on your website

  • Choose your own domain name

  • Provide you with hosting services

  • Give enough storage space for your site

  • Provide with fast customer support

  • Allow using all the functions and options of the drag-and-drop editor

  • Switching between plans should be allowed anytime


If you still hesitate, which plan to choose, try to focus on what type of website you want to get. Do you really need an extended number of functions? Are there any special tools you will require when creating your website? 


The answers to these questions will help you clarify the goals of creating your website. In the case you are not planning to earn lots of money from your website, you can easily start with a free plan of any website builder. However, in case you need a feature-rich personal website or online store, you will surely need to purchase more expensive plans. 


All in all, most builders offer a free subscription to enable users to learn more about the platform. You can effortlessly try a few cheap website builders to choose the best option for your personal needs. In case you don’t like a certain builder, don’t stick with it - just move forward to find the most fitting program for your site. 

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