Top 5 website builders for kids

Most kids are full of using all kinds of gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other modern devices. They usually use gadgets for entertaining, such as playing games and watching cartoons, and education. 

Most experts believe that kid web design might become one of the first stages of diving into the IT world. Therefore, creating a website is a unique experience that can elevate the interest of your child to the area of web development. Website builders for kids can help them to boost creativity, learn the basics of site construction, and even benefit from their hobbies. With the help of their personal sites, children and teens can post articles, share photos and videos, as well as become a young expert in their favorite field. 

However, many parents are often wondering about choosing the best website creator for kids. It should be as simple as possible, have lots of interesting functions, and a pleasant interface. Being free is also one of the features of a perfect website builder for kids. How to choose the best platform that meets all these requirements? In this post, we’ve collected 5 best website builders for kids that will be able to teach your little ones to craft their own sites from scratch. 

Choosing a top website maker for kids: the best solution

When choosing the software for web development for kids it is important to pick up a program that has an eye-catching design, drag-and-drop editor and lots of freedom of customization. This way, the process of crafting the first site will be exciting and really easy. Below we’ve chosen the best solutions that have all the features to meet the needs of the young creators. 


Wix continues to be one of the world-famous and the most popular services for creating a website for beginner users. Although it is not created for kids only, it is still one of the easiest platforms for web development. The system has everything your little one might need for making a website. These include a domain and hosting, easy and understandable editor for deep site customization, as well as simple tools for publishing the pages on the web.

What makes Wix unique and perfect for kids, is that it is completely visual. Your kids might not read good enough but they still are likely to cope with crafting their first website. Generally, the program has the easiest interface among its competitors that attracts millions of new users. 

The software is considered to be the top-rated kids website builder because it has over 500 different templates, which are designed to help in creating a website basis. You can find templates of different colors, styles, designs, and elements. Your kid is likely to start playing with various templates and will definitely find creating a web page incredibly entertaining. 

Wix galleries contain pictures that are completely safe for young users. The software developers take care of young users and don’t offer any adult pictures. Therefore, you can easily do your business while your children will be busy with crafting their first web design. 

Moreover, the platform has a special ADI website builder that can help your kid to create any site automatically. The platform will ask you several questions about the goals of creating a site, its preferable style, and elements. After that, the platform will build a site according to the answers to these questions. This is completely innovative technology that allows building a site in less than 5 minutes. This system will definitely suit those kids who want to get a result as soon as possible. 


  • Excellent library of various templates
  • Various educational themes
  • Lots of utilities for customization
  • Easy to use for kids
  • Has a free plan


  • Lacks kids-focused templates
  • The number of tools might be too overwhelming for the youngest developers


Wix contains a free plan with a domain available for no extra costs. However, in this case, the website will contain the platform’s advertisement. To have an ads-free solution, you can purchase any plan that starts from $11 per month.


WordPress is feature-rich software that allows creating a site of any difficulty. Although it is not a kids website builder, it is still one of the best options to learn the basics of creating websites. The platform will be the best solution for teens that already have some knowledge in web design and are dreaming about building an IT-related career after finishing school. The system will be a bit difficult for preschool children but is likely to be one of the greatest educational platforms for teenagers. 

The secret truth is WordPress is currently used by millions of professional developers all over the world. In case your kids will learn how to use this software, this will surely help them in the future. 

The builder has a whopping number of functions and options that allow creating any site you can imagine. Among the most popular utilities, there are:

Templates. The service has tons of free themes for any site. All of them look up-to-date and brilliant, as well as they are free from any malicious code. The builder’s themes will perfectly suit any area your kid is dealing with. 

Blogging. There are thousands of teens who are dreaming to become world-famous bloggers. The builder has everything they need for these purposes. The system supports all advanced functions for posting articles, photos, and videos, sharing content on social media, and other resources. 

Plugins. If your teen is looking for something special or would like to create their first online shop, plugins will easily help to implement any idea. WordPress has thousands of plugins for any need. By the way, each plugin has a review section, so any user is able to discover the feedback of other people, who have already used the plugin. 

Coding options. If you are a happy parent of a little genius, your son or daughter can also benefit from using customizable coding options, offered by the builder. If your teen is already familiar with HTML and CSS, an ability to insert his or her own code will be an additional plus. 


  • Lots of extended options for web development
  • Great for teens, who are IT-oriented
  • Can help to get skills useful for future career


  • Difficult for preschool children 


Using the platform is free. In case you would like to publish your website, you are expected to pay around $12 per year for your domain name and at least $4 per month for hosting. 

Kids Website Creator

Kids Website Creator is one of the online solutions that allow kids and teens to make their sites with no previous experience. The platform contains a user-friendly editor with advanced functionality for crafting unique sites. 

The software can make a web site for kids for free. You will not need to pay a cent to get a good-looking and easy-to-use site. However, the free plan has certain limitations. Thus, your kid will have only 20 of free storage space, up to 15 web pages with any content, and 1GB of monthly bandwidth. In case you would like to have more options, you will need to purchase any of the paid premium plans. 

Kids are also allowed not only to craft a site from scratch but also add third-party widgets to their web pages. This includes social media icons and other useful widgets. 

However, the platform lacks creative templates to make the process of web design more entertaining, as well as the amount of free space offered in a free plan, which is usually not enough for young learners.  


  • User-friendly website builder
  • Integration with third-party widgets


  • The web development principles are outdated
  • Lacks themes and templates
  • Paid plans are pricey


  • Lite: $4 per month 
  • Standard: $9 per month
  • Plus: $14 per month 
  • Max: $24 per month 


DoodleKit is one of the best builders for kids, who are creating a website for the first time. With the help of the website creator, children get an opportunity to learn the main concepts of design and web development and put all the gained knowledge into practice. 

The platform welcomes young users with an interesting video about the possibilities offered by the system, as well as a brief description of the main stages of creating a site. This video makes the overall process of web design more understandable and easier. After watching it, kids are welcomed to start crafting their first sites.

DoodleKit offers a great choice of various templates to choose from. All the themes have a modern and stylish look which is surely important for young coders. The program also allows changing colors and styles, editing texts, uploading images, and rearranging the elements on the web page according to personal preferences. 

There are also great tools for young bloggers. The website builder allows creating a personal blog with all the features required for sharing various types of content. The platform can help make any website mobile-friendly. The option is available in the Settings menu. 


  • Excellent for the youngest users
  • Plenty of bright and top-notch templates
  • Blogging functions
  • Allows crafting mobile-responsible designs 
  • Easy to use 


  • Free for personal use only. Creating an account and using the platform for business requires purchasing a plan
  • Limited support


Pricing plans are available from $14 to $99 per month. The price depends on the number of extra functions you would like to get. For example, you might need SEO tools, additional bandwidth, email forwarding, or extra users that are paid options. 


Weebly is another website builder that will suit the requirements of any young developer. A platform is a perfect option for kids since it has an easy design, lots of clear functions, and countless customization options. 

The software doesn’t require having any knowledge or skills in web development. Being a universal solution for beginners and kids, Weebly still offers countless opportunities for easy web creation. 

The service has excellent blogging functions and lots of features for advanced customization. This makes the process of creating amazingly interesting and easy, right what you need for kids’ education. 

The users can create a website for free with certain limitations. The platform’s free plan allows building one site with up to 5 pages for no extra cost. The pricing plans for more advanced functionality are surely affordable. 


  • Super easy interface
  • Perfect choice for kids and teens with no coding experience
  • Bright and stunning designs of templates
  • Precise customization and lots of editing options 


  • Lack of templates developed for children only


Weebly’s paid plans vary from $8 to $40 per month. 

Tips for picking up website ideas for kids

One of the most important stages of learning the basics of web development when making a personal site is to choose the best topic for it. Many kids would like to create their website but fail to choose a theme for it. This way, the parents are ready to help.

The best advice here is to create a website that somehow corresponds to your kid’s hobbies and preferences. For example, if your child is full of drawing, you can craft an online gallery with his or her pictures. Or in case your little one loves fashion or football, you can easily start a blog on any of these topics. 

For your convenience, we’ve collected a number of themes that might interest your kid:

  • Hobbies
  • Celebrities
  • Sports
  • Dinosaurs
  • Pets
  • Books and movies
  • City and school life
  • Video games
  • Sports teams
  • Cartoons and TV shows

You can pick up any other topic depending on the personal interests of your children. The options are not limited. However, it is important to teach your little ones about the basics of online safety. Thus, it is better to avoid describing their life online in detail, posting locations as well as placing any photos that can harm their reputation. 

It might be a good idea to protect a personal website of your kid with a password and share it with family and friends only. Always take care of the privacy of your children and make sure they are not posting any vulnerable information. 

How to help your kid learn web design? 

The easiest way to learn the basics of web design is to start using any advanced website builder. You can search online to find some inspiration among the most beautiful sites available on the web. Pay attention to the types of menus used on various sites, their icons, fonts, colors, and the way all the elements are located on a web page. This will help your kid to understand the basic website structure and how to place any type of content in an organic and convenient way. 

After that, you can choose a website builder to suit your needs and goals. With the help of the platform, you can start decorating your website. Depending on the topic of your online solution, you can scan drawings of your child, take funny pictures of your pets, and search for the news about their favorite celebrities. By the way, you will be able to teach your kid how to use a camera with various filters, scan pictures, and download the images to your PC. You can also learn some editing tools, for example, add frames or emoticons to your pictures with the help of mobile or desktop apps. You kids will be able to edit media according to their preferences and are likely to be proud of gaining new skills. 

Decorating a website is really exciting. Give your child complete freedom of customization. You might not like the design they make but it is better to respect their choice. Let your little one be creative and arrange everything the way they like. 

You can also add some widgets to the website. For example, a counter that shows how many days remain to your kid’s birthday or a handy calendar with all the important dates checked. Feel free to make your site interesting and unique. You might not follow all the rules of web design but still get an excellent site. It is also great to allow your children to share their thoughts about different topics in their personal blogs. This way, they will learn how to organize themselves, express thoughts and emotions in an effective way, as well as study the basics of content management. 

Final Thoughts 

There are lots of website builders that allow young learners to create websites of their dreams. However, not all of the solutions are easy enough and understandable; many programs will still require some coding or web development knowledge and skills. However, Weebly and DoodleKit are currently among the best alternatives for educational purposes that are the easiest platforms to use. Wix is also among the leaders in web design and automatical website creation. Any kid can start using these services and get an unforgettable experience of creating a stunning website with almost no effort.  

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