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What is Weebly used for?  

Weebly is one of the magnificent website builders. In this article, we’ re going to tell you about all the benefits which bring you the working time spending on our platform. Don’t put it far away creating unique websites. Weebly is easy in use and you don’t have to be an experienced one to have some troubles using it. For users with background for more flexibility, the developers of the service itself offer the placement of details with arbitrary HTML-code. The chance to edit and loaded site design templates. Get something of the placement of ads on the webpages, with the theme of the developed website being displayed.

#1 Weebly

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$free – $25.00
Free plan available

Weebly website builder could be used with any device (even iPad) and propose generous options for free. No more difficult notifications and numerous payments — discover your own amazing e-commerce websites, business websites, blogs or just general interest websites for free in a few minutes! Imagine that its designers offer for users about hundreds of templates of good quality. Also, a positive feature of these templates is their interchangeability. According to the Weebly reviews from the dearest clients, we sure — Weebly is an ideal free website builder platform for 95% users!

How much does it cost to create a website with Weebly?

Is it expensive to create a website on Weebly? Working with our platform we save you many on:

  • Designers;
  • It-developers;
  • Even SEO specialist.

You can perform a lot by yourself with simple basic tools which are totally free. You mustn’t be a designer to make your own incredible website. The free version of Weebly is enough to create any website done. Develop and publish as many sites as you want without any payments, deadlines or expiry dates.

Taking care about small groups and big companies we created a few upgrade plans which help you to optimize your work properly:

  • $8 per month for Starter– perfect for personal use.
  • $12 per month for Pro– good for groups and organizations.
  • $25 per month for Business– ideal for small businesses & stores.
  • $38 per month for Performance– created for power sellers to make their life easier.

Our important benefit is that we don’t charge any commission for the transactions. It is amazing but we also do not have restrictions on the number of goods. So pay once per year and don’t take care of it at all.

Weebly tips and tricks!

#2 Weebly

Ease Of Use StarStarStarStarStar
Features StarStarStarStarStar
Pricing StarStarStarStarStar
$free – $25.00
Free plan available

What more do you need to know about Weebly? We don’t like loud statement without any reason. Here are a few facts which help you to understand what you will get if you will work with us:

  • Clear and simple editor notifications.
  • Attractive Weebly templates.
  • Comfortable interface with Weebly widgets which is changing up to you.
  • Full commerce options
  • iPad site-editing app.
  • High level of customer service.

Create your business on Weebly and earn money as easy as never before: import products from Etsy, Shopify, or a CSV file, set up a payment method. Then only appreciate your work while we will be glad to help you with any difficulties and support each step.

Weebly function and benefits

You will find our designer templates divided into some categories. However, you can easily turn your blog into an online store for example. The main goal that we had was to create websites builder platform as much comfortable as it is only possible. Everyone is welcomed on the Weebly platform. Create your website and develop your business faster than ever before. There is an SEO guide too. It helps you to optimize your work on the more quality: blog, portfolio, online store and whatever you wish with our permanent support!

As Weebly was developed for people to make their creating of webpages easier we took care of its advantage and simplicity. Therefore, Weebly stands out for its positive qualities among many other platforms:

  • Convenient and clear interface design.
  • There are ready-made themes templates (they are quite suitable for quick launch of the site).
  • More than 300 applications for connecting online services.
  • Mobile applications to manage sites on any device.
  • Add photo galleries or slideshows.
  • Weebly photo library.
  • Built-in form designer.
  • High-quality technical support by email, chat, and phone.

Is Weebly safe?

It offers to host for all of the websites that are developed on their platform. We are really in charge of fast load speeds for customers to have an optimized website for their hosting. The company supposes security to be their most responsible tasks. That’s the point why we created a strong password system and offer SSL encryption. And free tier will run successfully on https offering an extra level of security efficiency.  Hackers and spam are things Weebly is fighting against and have accomplishments.

Security is a nice-protective habit and not a one-time activity that people do and forget. Weebly has more responsibility to take care of our client’s data. We will never allow the distribution of personal data or any other personal information. Joining Weebly there is the only one you have to worry about. And it is how to find a better family that keeps your secrets inside the family.

Templates and design is something

Weebly is a network where there is much room for art and creativity depending on different tastes. Everything is systemized by styles and colors. The color scheme exists for each template, in the presence of 5-10 options. Its change is immediately visible in the preview.  Weebly is a library that includes many themes for your website, blog or whatever. Before using the template, take the chance to check its full view.

All options are adaptive and look decent, having modern typography and design. There is a great diversity to choose for the designers who paint them. This quality is clearly displayed. Different structures, appearance, all the miniatures are possible for every customer. You can change the construction of the site at any time. There is one tip for you. We advise remembering that you should balance your need of finding the right template that suits, and how the actual website builder makes you joyful. Create and dream as you want – it is easy with us.

Customer Support Feedback

Use chat, full-featured help center as well as email support to make using of our product easier. Use telephone support for deeper occasions. Weebly users mostly contact e-mail support, and the response time is nice. Millions of users all over the world appreciate highly our platform. Even if you have any difficulties, our support managers are ready to help you 24/7. If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask our support. Our experienced professionals are ready to do their best to help people solving their problems.

Our support team has put a lot of efforts to have improved the current service and grow a great number of users. And this is a priority for Weebly future development.

There are different ways you can apply to our customer support team:

  1. support tickets;
  2. chat;
  3. telephone.

Support tickets are available for 24/7. Don’t be afraid to contact us, we are always open to the dialogue.

SEO & Marketing Point

Description tags, ALT text, headers, and metadata is not a full list of what Weebly users customize. In Weebly, there is a useful option to edit URLs. To find SEO parameters click on the “Pages” menu. Then choose the desired item and click on the icon near its name. After that go to “Advanced” settings. At this position complete a title, description, and keywords for the selected page. Nothing complex. The main principle of SEO is to select appropriate keywords and put them thoroughly through the whole text.

Weebly does things really well considering:

  • URL;
  • Title tags;
  • meta-descriptions (that’s significant to rank your images);
  • redirects (control them to avoid broken links after changes of URL page);
  • Picture optimization (this improves speed).

Easily combine traditional promotion ways which are based on text with promotion on social networks and special prominent video hosting sites. Their traffic can be important, which will cause an increase in traffic from the results of the search.

Still a bit puzzled about SEO? Keep in mind that we have a full guide on the subject here.

Weebly Payment System

Weebly is a simple website or blog builder with drop interface. The website provides clients with themes to choose and perform as wished. It would be a challenge for you to build a professional website in minutes, without any technical background.

Weebly accepts the following cards to do the transactions:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Diners
  • JCB.

It’s business plan helps users to develop an online e-commerce store with all needed features like digital downloads, coupons, inventory management. The main aspects of selling goods online are accepting payments from clients. Weebly offers some other options for your comfortable:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net
  • Square Payment
  • Stripe Payment

Promo code and coupon?

We have created a different bonus for our dear customers. Choose the most appropriate for you and enjoy Weebly right now! It is not a rare lucky time to get Weebly coupon or promo code and use Weebly with a great discount!

It is easy to use the coupon. When browsing through, for example, you might come across a button with Weebly coupons. Click it, and you’ll be transferred to a window that displays a coupon or promo code. It has letters and numbers you can use them to get a discount or deal on the website.

How to use a coupon:

  • Reveal code;
  • Copy it;
  • Start shopping;
  • Proceed to checkout;
  • Enter the code;
  • Enjoy things done;

Our promo code field is developed properly and there is always something you can make up of it. Subscribe to know more about all new news.

Instead of goodbye

Builder and advanced tool of Weebly website are used by millions of people from different countries. The mobile app makes it easy to follow the orders, communicate with clients and take control over your business in any part of the world. Weebly perfectly fits simple website creation as well as an online store. Fine-tune your net with a lep of HTML and CSS, and even export it for editing elsewhere. The platform isn’t only for primary users. There are lots of sites that are advertised much, but we are famous due not that, using Weebly is practical and not hard. That’s why our permanent clients are satisfied and comfortable with our services. Try some new subscription levels, including e-commerce plans and appreciate them right now.

To get acquainted closely with Weebly, start with a free website version. This is your chance to master the editing interface and find out difficulties of various features. You may find there’s enough in the free assess to have the website of your dreams. However, you’ll have Weebly branding on the webpages and in the URL. You can use the free plan for an unlimited period of time, and create an endless number of websites.

Users Comments

We are very grateful to our users who are always in touch with us and leave a review of our work and permanent upgrades. Here are examples some of them:

  • I used Weebly to create my own portfolio. I did that just for fun cause didn’t believe that the free version could bring me any result. How wonder I was when I got a quality portfolio website with a unique design in a few minutes. Every time when I send to the future client my portfolio link I send a million thanks to Weebly creator.
  • I’ve tried many different website builder platforms but Weebly is definitely on the top. It’s such an easy to use that even my 12 y.o. daughter has created her own web page with Weebly.
  • It’s never too late to try something new. That what I thought about when first opened the Weebly platform. I was shocked by how easy and flexible it is. I had a few items to sell and with Weebly, I’m selling it twice faster cause customers truly enjoy my stylish web page which I have done with Weebly.
  • Weebly is my decision for everything. I created a portfolio for my sister, made my own business page and help my mother to write a blog on Weebly. All our family with Weebly and we happy to have that very much.
  • To create a website our small non-profit organization transferred a company thousands of dollars. I had performed my own website with Weebly after a high-qualified tutorial on building your own website and knew we could do what we needed with Weebly for less amount of funds and more importantly much less stress. Everything we need can be found here. Especially supportive customer service and the results look really on top. Of course, we recommend Weebly!

FAQ position

How to make your website more productive? Upgrade your Weebly net with Google analytics. It’s a piece of cake to do and you will be really surprised by the results. Then twice more customers will reach you through Google research. To implant this feature on your website just:

  1. Log into your Weebly account;
  2. Open Settings window;
  3. Choose SEO from the Site Builder;
  4. Paste the tracking code into the Footer Code section from Google Analytics;
  5. Click save;
  6. Get your site published.

Ready! Now you see it takes you several minutes but made your work twice productive at least.

Setting up GA

Google Analytics or GA is an instrument which shows your user activity on your webpages like all things related to traffic and other important statistics. What is good, it is for free. For using GA, you will need to enter a tracking code in the Weebly net for Google to make sure you really own the website. Weebly developed an easy way for customers to implement Google Analytics in a user’s account :

  1. Initialize to your Weebly account.
  2. Refine the website in question you built on Google Analytics.
  3. Get to the SEO section.
  4. Write down your GA code in the Footer Code text field
  5. Add Analytics Code on the site

Be attentive that it may take some time for Google to track your site – usually in a frame of 24 hours.

Weebly SSL certificate option

In the browser, the letters HTTP appear in front of the addresses of some sites, and HTTPS comes out in front of others. Both abbreviations stand for the same thing: transferring of data protocol on the Internet. A protocol is a set of rules that determines how the browser and server exchange data, what kind of data they are, and what to do with them.

Talking about HTTP, it is a standard protocol that works by default. You enter personal information on the site, and the browser transmits it to the server in clear language. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. This is an SSL protocol that is activated after installing an SSL certificate and encrypts personal information before transferring it to the site owner. It is prohibited to add a free SSL certificate to your Weebly website, on any plan (including Starter and Free). The option should be available in your Weebly editor > Settings > SSL. In case the button shows “Enable”, then click on it, fill in the details, click on “Save” and Publish your website once more time.

Weebly widgets opportunities

Is it possible to rule the widgets in the way you want it? The answer is yes. Move them through the whole square of the page from the left or right side, do size changes, divide it or make copies. We developed it for very your comfort and patience. To build a site in a frame of a few minutes is completely possible with the help of a drag and drops site builder. This may be enough to start a site. But becoming more attractive over other webs you need some additional attractions to boost up your web. Why don’t you use showcasing a FAQ option?  It is created to help users with their online stores or adding a pricing table to display the product description.

It is forbidden on Weebly to install any kind of plugins and write a script or CSS code and incorporate in Weebly source code. It raised the request to help Weebly users by collecting widgets that are most in need and collate on this page. Some listed widgets are free, basically to enhance the features like sliders, custom buttons, pricing tables and other you need to add a piece of HTML or CSS or Script code to your current site.

Weebly is more than safe

It leads a policy of highly secure passwords system. Each of the plans has an effective version of SSL encryption, even a free version of Weebly. Nevertheless, you will have to work with any restore or backup options, try to remember it. Zip files on a regular basis are often saved on Weebly. We are not tired to appreciate all of the 50 million our clients who lean on us and never stop they’re developing. Nowadays Weebly is totally safe with a very tough security level. We offer SSL encryption on all plans and provide with strong passwords. So even the free tier will run on https which offers an extra layer of security.

Changing the font is like doing nothing

If you need to change the font in Weebly or color and size of your text, just log into your account and click the Design tab at the top of your dashboard. In the left-hand sidebar, you will see all notifications which you need. Have a chance of changing Fonts area found under the Design tab any time you wish.

Everybody wants to change the elements to suit his or her needs mosey and Weebly provides everyone with such a pleasure. Fonts play the main role in readability to users. And we want to introduce you a little information for that function:

  • Use default Weebly options.
  • Use external font style sheets like Bootstrap
  • Hosted custom fonts on Weebly site.
  • Change the font style of all similar elements on a page.
  • Customize individual elements

Scroll over the individual control to see surely what will be changed on a page.

How to unpublished Weebly with ease?

If you need it is not difficult to un-publish your website quickly and with no troubles from the Settings tab in the editor. First of all, click on the General section, and scroll to the bottom, then you find an unpublished button. If you change your mind again, you can re-publish the site at any time using the Publish button in the upper right corner of the editor. Try and make your own schedule to get in touch with Weebly posts. Just find the post in General section and choose appropriate notification such as “unpublished” “re-publish”. Flexibility is what we were working hard to make it even easier.

Weebly is your artificial business partner

Weebly is the most comfortable website builder besides main notifications there are a few tips and tricks good to know. They make your work more comfortable and pleasant. In fact, about 30 millions of users use drag and drop platform for creating their websites. To remain successful Weebly allows free users to modify the source code. Thanks to this platform people are able to go along their webpage to the professional level. We are presenting you 10 tweaks to have great proficiency and high SEO-optimized level of the webpage:

  • Get away Free Weebly Footer
  • Build on Scroll To Top Button
  • Put on Favicon
  • Modify Source Code
  • Append Custom CSS / Scripts
  • Verify Site with Google Search Console and Webmaster Tools
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Add Recent Posts with Blog Feed
  • Enable Discus Commenting System
  • Create on Font Icons

In our articles, you can read more about all these features and easily use it on your own Weebly website. Make your customers impressed using our tips, why not?

Add subpages for diversity

Create as many pages as you need with Weebly!

If you need to create subpages just follow the short instruction below:

  • click on the Pages tab (find that one in the top navigation bar)
  • choose the exciting page (or create a new one)
  • drag and drop preferred page under the main page.

Connect our support if you have any problem with that. We are glad to see every newcomer on our platform. Let’s make the world brighter together.